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Robust Intelligence is an artificial intelligence (AI) startup, leading the way in providing AI-powered solutions for all types of businesses. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and development tools, Robust Intelligence enables businesses to automate processes and create innovative applications to boost their operations to the next level.

Robust Intelligence stands apart from other AI startups by offering a unique combination of advanced natural language processing (NLP) and a wide range of data science toolsets and services that enable businesses to quickly develop their applications. In addition, Robust Intelligence provides a talented team of experienced engineers and data scientists who specialize in creating custom solutions tailored to each customer’s specific needs. By combining these two powerful resources, Robust Intelligence has successfully created many real business outcomes ranging from increased customer satisfaction to cost reduction and increased ROI.

These two core pillars allow Robust Intelligence to offer specialized AI services alongside cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Watson, and more – enabling businesses to level up their offerings rapidly. On top of these features, Robust intelligence also puts security first by building systems designed with zero trust architecture that ensures against data loss or theft across all levels throughout the development process.

Tiger Global leads $30M round for AI reliability startup Robust Intelligence

Robust Intelligence is a AI reliability startup that has recently raised $30M from Tiger Global. Robust Intelligence focuses on developing solutions to understand and navigate dynamic, real-world environments. This is in stark contrast to traditional approaches which focus on developing solutions capable of solving one specific task with a narrow scope.

In this article, let’s examine the features that make Robust Intelligence stand out.

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What is Robust Intelligence?

Robust Intelligence is an artificial intelligence (AI) startup dedicated to creating the safest, most advanced AI solutions that empower people and organizations to tackle the world’s most complex, time-sensitive and consequential problems. By applying the latest advances in AI technology and building integrated machine learning models that focus on safety, predictability and robustness, Robust Intelligence enables end users to achieve optimal results quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Robust Intelligence stands out from other AI startups because of its focus on safety, predictability and robustness. Unlike traditional AI systems vulnerable to sudden shifts in data or unexpected inputs, Robust Intelligence is designed with extra layers of robustness to ensure system stability even under extreme conditions. In addition, it uses advanced optimization algorithms to give more consistent and effective recommendations for a given task. Furthermore, Robust Intelligence has adopted security measures such as secure protocols and encryptions for improved user privacy protection. As a result of these measures, Robust Intelligence is the preferred choice amongst leading organizations for their most complex problems.

What does Robust Intelligence do?

Robust Intelligence is a startup focused on developing unique artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to help businesses more efficiently manage their operations. The company works to combine data-driven insights with innovative AI technologies to enable companies to make better, faster decisions in the ever-changing business environment.

At the center of its products and services is the company’s proprietary Robust Intelligence Platform which uses multivariate AI models and machine learning algorithms to help companies automatically optimize their operations and data. With dynamic algorithms that can adapt easily to changing business needs and goals, Robust Intelligence provides predictive analytics and dynamic optimization tools to maximize performance across various parameters including cost, service quality, profits, efficiency, compliance and customer satisfaction.

Besides analyzing large amounts of data from internal and external sources, the platform can quickly identify trends, challenges or opportunities leveraging the vast amounts of data available. Additionally, the analytics outputs are easily integrated with existing systems for seamless implementation without major operational changes for end users. In this way, customers can get maximum value from their investments in technology without any cumbersome integration efforts by their IT departments.

Robust Intelligence offers an extensive portfolio of software solutions and services that cater to different industries including retail, finance and healthcare sectors enabling them to optimize operations using realtime insights into sales pipelines and customer behavior trends as well creating automated solutions for smart decision making such as automated product recommendations or route optimizations for delivery fleets etc., Furthermore by applying advanced analytics they can uncover interesting correlations between different elements in their systems which they may use as source of competitive advantage over other companies in their industry sector. Ultimately Robust Intelligence aims at enhancing customer experience while helping businesses remain competitive!

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What makes Robust Intelligence different?

Robust Intelligence is a pioneering artificial intelligence company committed to deploying fair, transparent and reliable AI. They specialize in interpretable AI systems fueled by large-scale data. They combine state-of-the-art machine learning approaches with cognitive science principles to build models that better explain their predictions than traditional algorithms.

The difference between Robust Intelligence and other AI startups lies in the company’s focus on explainable AI. To build trust with their clients and society, they believe it is important to uncover why their deep learning models are drawing their conclusions. As a result, their explainability techniques enable them to provide transparency and accountability generally not seen from other AI companies. This goes beyond traditional approaches such as using feature importance scores or decision trees — instead Robust Intelligence goes several steps further by seeking out causal explanations for the model’s decisions.

Robust Intelligence puts these ideas into practice through their automated machine learning platform, which helps scientists build better models quickly while providing clear justification for why the model makes its predictions — even when dealing with large datasets or data mismatches. In addition, they are currently developing an end-to-end platform specifically tailored towards privacy enhancing technologies used in sensitive applications such as health care or finance workflows.

Overall, Robust Intelligence differentiates itself from other AI startups by their commitment towards facilitating trust through equitable access to progress made in Artificial Intelligence.

Robust Intelligence vs Other AI Startups

Robust Intelligence is an AI reliability startup that recently raised a $30M round led by Tiger Global, setting itself apart from other AI startups.

In this article, we’ll examine what makes Robust Intelligence different from other AI startups and why it has become so popular.

Robust Intelligence’s focus on reliability

Robust Intelligence is an AI startup that stands out from other companies due to its focus on reliability. The goal of Robust Intelligence is to build AI systems that are reliable and secure, so the products can be used in critical domains and industrial applications with confidence.

To achieve this goal, Robust Intelligence takes a holistic approach to AI engineering through incorporating research from a wide range of related disciplines ranging from traditional robotics, machine learning and computer vision, to embedded systems engineering, safety-critical systems design and more.

As a result, Robust Intelligence has developed an expansive range of product offerings – from commercial Ai applications & robot platforms for educational use to large-scale enterprise solutions designed for mission-critical industrial environments & factory automation – with all solutions safely secured with enterprise-level security protocols. This ensures their clients can trust any software solution they receive lives up to the high reliability standards they have come to expect when using AI technology. In addition, Robust Intelligence works closely with organizations like Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide an extended range of cloud IoT capabilities and services so users can manage complex operations safely within their private cloud hosting networks.

Finally, perhaps one of the greatest benefits when working with Robust Intelligence is their team’s extensive experience in artificial intelligence engineering & robotics development which sets them apart from other startups in this field. By drawing on years of experience in the industry as well as utilizing code libraries and open source frameworks created by its founders themselves over many years prior – combined with continuous research efforts into developing safer& more secure methods for autonomous operations – makes them an ideal partner for anyone seeking reliable AI solutions tailored specifically towards their use case today & in the future!

Robust Intelligence’s unique approach to AI

Robust Intelligence is a startup company that focuses on developing AI technology and using it to solve various problems. Unlike many other AI startups, Robust has created its unique approach to artificial intelligence (AI) by combining machine learning, natural language processing, and cognitive science. This approach enables the company to provide services and technologies tailored to customers’ needs and business objectives.

As a result of this integrated approach, Robust’s AI technology enables clients to extract insight from data and engage in meaningful conversations with customers. The company’s tools are designed to be customized for each client so that the conversations are intent-driven and focused on the specific questions at hand. The platform can also be used as part of a wider digital transformation strategy to align with the client’s goals and drive maximum impact on business performance. Furthermore, Robust’s expertise in conversational AI amplifies its product offerings such as improved customer service & productivity, more proactive risk management within transactions with customers, faster decisions based on machine learning algorithms, and automation of administrative operations & tasks.

Robust Intelligence stands apart from other artificial intelligence startups by focusing not just on data-driven systems but also providing intentional solutions for businesses or individuals seeking robust operations or performance improvements through advanced AI technologies. By harnessing their expertise in traditional engineering fields such as hardware/embedded systems engineering & data science as well as new emerging ones such as natural language processing & cognitive computing, thought leaders at Robust build comprehensive solutions from scratch up through an end-to-end approach depending upon the requirements of clients problem/task at hand.

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Robust Intelligence’s advanced technology

Robust Intelligence, a San Francisco-based startup specializing in applied artificial intelligence, sets itself apart from other AI startups through its exclusive robust intelligence technology. Robust Intelligence seeks to automate machine learning processes to progress towards Artificial General Intelligence by utilizing their cutting-edge advanced algorithms and models.

Robust Intelligence has revolutionized the AI landscape by focusing on optimally learning highly complex tasks through its unique representation of uncertainty. The startup’s artificial reasoning technology features a patent-pending method to automatically quantify the uncertainty of each decision made by an AI agent and continuously update those estimates over time. This groundbreaking approach enables AI agents to confidently decide, accurately predicting and executing outcomes even during power outages or periodic device failure.

This high confidence empowers Robust Intelligence agents to remain adaptable and autonomous regardless of any external disruptions — something no other AI startup can offer. With this elevated level of accuracy, clients can trust that informed decisions are being consistently made with negligible error margins — ultimately driving down costs, increasing efficiency and improving outcomes in the process.

Benefits of Robust Intelligence

Robust Intelligence is an AI startup specializing in making AI more reliable and trustworthy. Their technology has caught the attention of Tiger Global, and the firm recently led a $30M round for the startup.

Robust Intelligence is different from other AI startups due to its focus on trustworthiness and reliability. Let’s look at some benefits of utilizing this startup’s technology.

Increased reliability of AI systems

Robust Intelligence builds AI systems with an engineered intelligence style designed to increase reliability in ways that generic, standard AI technologies often fail to do. Robust Intelligence’s systems strive to manage and complete any task successfully every time. This is accomplished through an integrated learning system that combines general intelligence and more specific abilities.

The increased reliability of these systems provides multiple benefits, including improved safety, efficiency, and cost savings in various industries. These advantages are realized through the ability of the intelligence system to provide stability and accuracy even when faced with unfamiliar situations or changes in the environment. This stability allows for a much higher throughput than standard machine learning algorithms, since you don’t have to constantly tune the system or retrain it as circumstances change. Additionally, the increased speed associated with this form of AI can lead to considerable energy savings and increased sustainability due to reduced computation demands.

Improved accuracy of AI models

Robust intelligence (RI) is an innovative AI platform that focuses on maximizing the accuracy of AI models and minimizing their deviations. Unlike traditional AI solutions, RI combines advanced algorithms and massive datasets to create more accurate predictive models, more interpretable analytics, and greater opportunities for delivering insights. This innovation gives organizations the unprecedented ability to understand data more accurately.

RI has drastically improved the accuracy of AI models by combining several unique features:

  • Data compression technology to reduce data storage costs associated with AI models.
  • An “ensembling” technique that allows multiple predictive models to be run simultaneously, increasing the robustness of predictions.
  • Model ensembling using a Bayesian optimization approach improves both generalizable performance and interpretability of results.
  • A strong background in software engineering principles and applying them in building high-quality code for robust intelligence products.

These innovative features combined with advanced algorithms have dramatically increased the accuracy of AI models from several different verticals such as healthcare, finance, law enforcement, automotive industry and others. By incorporating RI into their operations companies can take advantage of tailored up-to-date data collection processes and accurate prediction capabilities for superior results.

Ability to scale AI solutions

Robust Intelligence (RI) is an AI startup that enables straightforward deployment and scaling of global artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. RI’s mission is to ensure that today and tomorrow’s AI-driven applications can be easily deployed to millions, billions, or even trillions of users.

One major benefit of RI’s approach is its ability to deploy and scale AI solutions faster and more agility than any other startup. Leveraging its cloud-based development environment and infrastructure simplifies AI deployment cycles, resulting in shorter development times for faster market delivery. Furthermore, the platform supports easy re-deployment into different languages and technological settings like machine learning models trained on different datasets. This allows developers to quickly develop AI applications tailored to their target markets’ needs while still conforming to their security requirements.

Another key advantage is that RI’s high-performance computing capabilities are a foundation for deep learning algorithms utilized in modern artificial intelligence applications. This allows users to process large amounts of data faster than ever while maintaining superior accuracy. The increased speed in which trained versions can be released also helps organizations improve time-to-market and compliance with various global regulations. Companies have access to a comprehensive set of data labeling services to better inform their models and thus create more accurate predictions from them.

Overall, Robust Intelligence provides reliable end-to-end Artificial Intelligence solutions for both today’s businesses and those coming up in the future – allowing companies on all scales the opportunity to experience the benefits of robust AI technologies without sacrificing precious time or resources towards development efforts ever again.


Robust Intelligence is a unique artificial intelligence software start-up making waves in the industry. Robust Intelligence provides AI services and applications specifically designed to address the most difficult challenges modern businesses face.

The company utilizes a multi-pronged approach analyzing data from multiple sources to develop automated systems and intelligent models that can be applied to real-world scenarios. Other AI startups lack this level of sophistication, focusing more on general automation and data collection functions.

Robust Intelligence also leverages predictive analytics, allowing for pre-emptive problem solving and decisions making before issues occur — something not seen in other AI companies. Finally, by leveraging cloud computing technologies and distributed architectures, Robust Intelligence can create efficient designs for smart applications for enterprise companies and consumer-facing products, making them a leader in artificial intelligence software development.

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