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Today, we are excited to announce Robust Intelligence’s $30M Series B funding. This funding will help the company continue to expand its AI platform and offer more opportunities for integration.

We believe Robust Intelligence can bring tremendous value to businesses, ranging from vastly improved customer experience and better insights to improved sales, better data analysis, and better decision-making capabilities.

With this funding, Robust Intelligence is taking a huge step forward and will continue to lead the way in AI development.

What is Robust Intelligence?

Robust Intelligence is a venture-backed computer vision company that aims to make AI accessible to everyone. Founded in 2018 by a team of industry veterans and experts in artificial Intelligence, Robust Intelligence seeks to unlock the potential of AI-driven automation and business transformation by providing intelligent vision solutions that are powerful, reliable, and cost-effective.

The company recently announced its raise of $30M in series B funding led by Insight Partners. The new round of investment will help enroll existing customers, expand the product portfolio and accelerate the global expansion efforts. Robust Intelligence has already secured customers across multiple industries including retail, medical technology, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality and more.

Robust Intelligence’s end-to-end computer vision solution enables enterprises to process real-time images from camera sources such as surveillance or machine cameras — identifying objects in motion or at rest within seconds — improving operational efficiencies and business insights. In addition, its proprietary vision engine eliminates the need for manual labeling or additional infrastructure investments with its ability to “learn on its own” which saves time and development costs and shortens implementation timescales for customers.

The combination of robust AI algorithms with competitive pricing puts Robust Intelligence ahead of other computer vision providers offering similar products with lower quality models while providing high accuracy results over many different datasets — ensuring faster ROI for clients willing to adopt their technology. By investing heavily in research & development across various industries the company provides world-class support resources via dedicated solution architects who typically recommend their customers integrated solutions enabling them to understand better their data sets, leading to longer–term strategic advantages in cost savings, analysis accuracy and resource optimization among others advantages associated with embracing new technologies like AI & ML driven automation for everyday operations.

Announcing Robust Intelligence’s $30M Series B

We are delighted to share the news: Robust Intelligence is announcing a $30M Series B funding round. This impressive investment total comes from several world-leading venture capital firms and corporate strategic investors. The funds will be used to expand our capabilities in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, helping us bring innovative solutions to customers in various industries.

Robust Intelligence is a global provider of advanced AI-powered products and services in healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, and other areas. By leveraging our computational neuroscience and machine learning breakthroughs, we create software that can handle advanced tasks such as decision-making and natural language processing with greater accuracy than traditional methods. Our mission is to deliver secure and reliable artificial intelligence solutions that can significantly enhance customer experience.

This funding round reflects the recognition of Robust Intelligence’s efforts to drive innovation through AI-powered products and services. With the additional resources from this round, we’ll be able to continue building on our strong foundation as well as invest in new areas like natural language understanding enabling us better to serve our customers with quality products at competitive prices. Our team is committed to exploring new frontiers for AI technology that will benefit businesses across industry sectors for years to come.

We are thrilled about the opportunity this new growth phase brings us – stay tuned for more exciting news!

Benefits of Robust Intelligence

Robust Intelligence has achieved a Series B funding of $30 million and is on its way to bringing the power of artificial intelligence to the world.

Robust Intelligence is a pioneer in the field of AI technology, which has the potential to revolutionize how businesses and everyday tasks are completed.

In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of Robust Intelligence technology and how it can help drive the future of AI.

Improved Decision Making

Robust Intelligence helps people make better decisions, from small everyday choices all the way to complex, high-stakes decisions in business and government. Robust Intelligence provides a comprehensive view of data and sources, enabling people to see patterns or risk factors that might have been missed previously. Achieving a more informed view requires a robust intelligence platform to be constantly mining for information, transforming it into actionable insights, powering analytics to identify anomalies or trends, and helping users quickly access relevant data quickly and accurately when making critical decisions.

Robust Intelligence increases the speed with which people can understand risks and opportunities. This technology gives you the ability to act faster than ever before on new insights generated by data sets that were once inaccessible. It takes advantage of all available sources of information such as public records, customer sentiment analysis, social network analysis and operational data. With this level of access it allows organizations to assess risk more effectively while remaining competitive in an ever-changing landscape.

Robust Intelligence lets users draw up qualitative metrics to help them keep up with changes in their external environment as well as their internal processes without relying too heavily on manual search methods. It also helps people formulate better strategies within the context of changing market conditions and keeps track of associated uncertainties such as currency fluctuations or customer preferences. By delivering useful information faster than ever before, organizations can develop focused strategies that lead them towards clear goals with agility instead of spending long hours waiting for accumulated data points about past events.

The end result is improved efficiency across industries due to increased understanding about business situations which drives greater alignment between strategy and execution, smoother operations at each step along the journey from concept planning through market launch/rollout/expiration lifecycle milestone management till eventual profitability or sunsetting—all informed by constant monitoring over relevant participating stakeholders’ behavior.

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Increased Efficiency

Robust Intelligence delivers end-to-end capabilities that automate multiple processes and enable comprehensive insights from complex and diverse data sources. Its proprietary end-to-end Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) platform allows organizations to optimize their processes and resources, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

With the help of Robust Intelligence’s CPA platform, businesses can gain insight into their operations, eliminate manual processes, reduce errors, increase productivity, and save manpower costs.

Robust Intelligence’s CPA platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The AI capability helps automate enterprise transactions with accelerated processing speed, allowing businesses to process transactions faster and more accurately. Leveraging the power of Machine Learning enables automation of complex tasks by training the AI system on how to respond intelligently in different scenarios. The Neural Networks help recognize patterns between data elements which allow for accurate decision making within a fraction of time when compared to manual authorization process. And finally, Natural Language Processing allows for communication between systems and humans in natural languages such as English or Spanish enabling businesses to improve customer experience whilst meeting customer demand faster than ever.

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Enhanced Targeting

Robust Intelligence’s novel approach to natural language processing (NLP) enables enhanced targeting capabilities for businesses. With the combination of NLP and Artificial Intelligence (AI), businesses are able to accurately communicate with their customers in a personalized manner. The technology offers an effective way of understanding customer preferences, providing targeted content that resonates with customers at any given time.

This level of enhanced targeting is capable of directing product offerings and services to the right customer base, improving customer engagement and ROI. With this technology, businesses can optimize their marketing efforts to target consumers more effectively, resulting in higher sales. In addition, it can help identify trends in customer behavior and preferences, allowing businesses to develop better response strategies as they respond to market changes quickly and accurately.

How Robust Intelligence is Used

Robust Intelligence is a machine learning platform that utilizes artificial Intelligence, natural language processing, computer vision, and deep learning to provide insights into data and analytics.

Recently, the company announced a $30M Series B to expand their reach and product offerings.

Now, let’s dive into how Robust Intelligence is used.

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Automated Decision Making

Robust Intelligence is a term used to describe the use of emerging technologies, such as artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms, to automate everyday decision-making. Automated decisions are based on data collected from myriad sources and analyzed for trends, correlations, and insights. This allows companies to vastly improve their decision making process and make decisions quickly with accuracy that was once unattainable.

Robust Intelligence gives businesses insights into how customers interact with their products or services. It can analyze customer behavior over time to gain insight into customer preferences, interests, and buying patterns that can be leveraged to improve the customer experience. AI technologies also provide predictive analytics which allow businesses to anticipate customer needs before they arise thereby ensuring optimized experiences every time.

Robust Intelligence offers tailor-made solutions for specific business needs. It eliminates the need for manual intervention while providing flexible configurations that enable instant adaptation according to advancing technology trends or competitive conditions. Robust Intelligence also helps reduce operational costs by automating mundane processes such as document processing or database management, eliminating manual labor and increasing efficiency overall.

Announcing Robust Intelligence’s $30 million Series B investment marks a major milestone in the realization of automated decision-making capabilities for many organizations across various industries around the world — from healthcare to retailing — opening new opportunities for businesses seeking improvements in operations efficiency as well as a competitive edge over their peers.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling is a core element of robust Intelligence and has the potential to be the driving force behind digital transformation and the growth of cutting-edge businesses. Predictive models are a combination of algorithms, statistical techniques, machine learning systems, and a host of cognitive services that make it possible for organizations to leverage data to predict outcomes accurately. Predictive models allow companies to see as far into the future as possible, thus enabling them to better anticipate customer needs and market trends.

When it comes to predictive modeling, there are two main types — supervised learning and unsupervised learning. Supervised learning requires labels or features in the data set which provide an idea of what kinds of actions or results can be expected in certain situations. This method is used when there are specific patterns or trends in business data that have been identified in advance, such as customer segmentation or consumer buying behavior. Unsupervised learning applies its own algorithms and techniques without prior knowledge to analyze incoming data from resources such as cloud storage including social media, web traffic logs etc., striving for insights into consumer behavior that may not have been discovered otherwise — for example when trying to build consumer profiles based on online behavior.

Robust Intelligence combines predictive models with automation capabilities including robotic process automation (RPA), artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like natural language processing (NLP), neural networks, deep learning systems and other technologies–allowing organizations to move past manual processes in order to add value at scale rapidly and efficiently. This improved knowledge leads companies across industries on their paths towards more agile operations, faster growth rates and more impactful market leadership outcomes through predictive modeling used with confidence in decision-making procedures related to diverse fields like packaging design quality control or even sales outgrowth analytics. As a result of using robust Intelligence correctly coupled together with predictive modeling algorithms, many businesses have seen an increase in revenues by up 30% year over year while also increasing their market share rapidly. Such dramatic increases would not be possible without predictive modeling leading robust intelligent decision making being utilized correctly within today’s organization’s complex environment by unlocking large sales momentum opportunities previously unimaginable due too often manual processes still being mostly reliant upon human labor increasing costs significantly decreasing profits substantially until recently when Rober Intelligence was used correctly saving millions if not billions consistently on yearly basis typically throughout industry leading organizational operations.

Natural Language Processing

Robust Intelligence is a set of intelligent technologies and services aimed at providing deeper insights into complex datasets, using advanced artificial intelligence methods such as artificial neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and more. Natural language processing (NLP) enables systems to understand and interpret human communication by understanding the structure, meaning and context of spoken or written words. In the case of Robust Intelligence, NLP is used to produce meaningful, actionable insights from large data sets.

For example, Robust Intelligence’s NLP technology can be used to scan large quantities of documents to gain an understanding of opinions or trends, detect areas of customer experience improvement in customer service calls or identify anomalies in any customer data set. By using NLP with deep learning algorithms, Robust Intelligence can better understand how humans communicate so that it can accurately answer questions posed by customers in a conversational style.

In addition to document scanning and sentiment analysis applications like customer service calls, NLP can also be used for applications such as personalization or self-service technologies that require an understanding of text for success. For example, it is often important for these types of services to recognize specific keywords so that they can provide accurate predictions based on search terms like “best smartphone” or recommended products based on “top summer outfits”. By utilizing NLP technologies like Robust Intelligence’s power toolsets, these types of services become more accurate and comprehensive than ever before due to the automated analysis necessary for successful implementation.


Robust Intelligence is ushering in a new era of AI that has the potential to revolutionize both the business world and everyday life. The company’s recent Series B funding of $30M is a reminder of how far the AI revolution has come, and the level of investment being put into this up-and-coming technology.

In this concluding article, we will evaluate the overall benefits of Robust Intelligence’s AI and its impact on the industry.

Summary of Benefits

Robust Intelligence is an artificial intelligence platform that helps businesses and developers build smarter applications. Thanks to the platform’s easy-to-use APIs, easy integration, and customized solutions, developers can create powerful artificial intelligence applications with minimal effort. The company has recently announced a $30M Series B investment, which will help it expand its development and reach new markets.

The main benefits of Robust Intelligence are the range of services that it offers, from natural language processing to computer vision and machine learning. Its open source libraries provide developers with access to powerful AI tools without needing to write code or complex algorithms. Furthermore, the platform’s scalability makes it an ideal choice for scaling projects rapidly while keeping costs low. And finally, its reliable customer service team assists users as they tackle their day-to-day development tasks so they can stay focused on their objectives.

In conclusion, Robust Intelligence is a powerful solution for businesses looking to leverage the latest in AI technology. With its comprehensive suite of services and reliable customer service team, companies can build intelligent applications quickly without sacrificing quality or performance.

Future of Robust Intelligence

Robust Intelligence is well-positioned to capitalize on the explosive growth of an AI driven world. With their recently announced $30M Series B, the company will be expanding its product portfolio with further AI development, marketing and sales investments. This is likely to give Robust Intelligence a significant competitive advantage in the industry, allowing them to continue to develop their platform and offer unique solutions that respond to emerging challenges. Additionally, Robust Intelligence will be staffing up hiring across all departments as they prepare for increased demand for their services.

The future looks bright for Robust Intelligence as they continue to focus on driving innovation by leveraging leading edge artificial intelligence technologies. Their strategic collaborations with other major players in the industry, such as Google and Microsoft, promise a vast array of ground-breaking products and services that could disrupt multiple industries in the years ahead. Through these partnerships, Robust Intelligence will have access to resources ranging from cloud computing power to data science expertise that are essential for remaining at the forefront of AI development.

It remains clear that with this new funding round, coupled with strategic collaborations and massive potential product innovations coming down the pipeline, Robust Intelligence is setting itself up for a successful future in cutting-edge AI technology sector.

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