Are you trying to figure out how to unpair your PS4 controller from your console? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’re going to teach you all the tricks and tips for properly unpairing your PS4 controller. Whether you’re trading it in or giving it to a friend, we’ll make sure the process is quick, easy and painless! So get ready and let’s get unpairing!


This tutorial will explain how to unpair or disconnect a DualShock 4 controller from your PlayStation 4 system. Unpairing your PS4 controller allows you to use the controller for other tasks, such as playing video games on your computer or laptop. Before unpairing your controller, make sure to turn it off by pressing and holding the PlayStation button for three seconds until you see a power menu appear.

When you are ready to begin the unpairing process, start by putting your PS4 into rest mode. To do this press and hold the PS button on the controller until you see a menu appear; select Power > Enter Rest Mode to put your system into rest mode.

Once in rest mode, go back to the main home screen of your console then select Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices. From here, select the name of your DualShock 4 controller and press X on it. On the next screen that appears, select Options then choose Unpair Device from this menu. The console will now begin the unpairing process which should only take a few moments to complete. Once finished, you can safely disconnect or remove the DS4 controllers from Bluetooth device list found in Settings > Devices> Bluetooth Devices on your PlayStation 4 console if you want to pair them for other tasks like playing video games on computer or laptop.

Reasons for Unpairing a PS4 Controller

Unpairing a PS4 controller from its console may be necessary for a number of reasons. Perhaps the controller is no longer needed, or you want to give the controller to someone else. Furthermore, if your controller has become unresponsive or is malfunctioning, you must unpair it in order to fix the issue. To unpair a PS4 controller with its console follow the simple steps provided below:

1. Go into your PlayStation 4 “Settings” menu and find the “Devices” tab.

2. Select “Bluetooth Devices” and then select the device you want to unpair.

3. Scroll down to find the “Unregister Device” option and select it.

4. The device will now be successfully unregistered from your PS4 console.

5. You can now restart your PS4 console and pair any new controllers you wish to use with it.

How to unpair ps4 controller

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The PS4 DualShock controller is the pinnacle of gaming controllers, but sometimes you might find yourself needing to unpair your controller from your system. Whether you’re troubleshooting a connection issue or want to start fresh, here are some easy steps to guide you through the process of unpairing and re-pairing your PlayStation 4 controller.


1. Begin by pressing and holding the “Share” and “PS” buttons on the PS4 controller until the LED lights begin flashing. This will put it into pairing mode.

2. On your PS4 system, navigate to “Settings” in the top menu bar and select “Devices”.

3. Next select “Bluetooth Devices”. The newly paired controller should show up in this list as a “Wireless Controller” or similar variant depending on when it was manufactured.

4. Select that device to open its settings page, then select “Forget Device” at the bottom of that page.

5. You will now be prompted with a confirmation warning, select “Yes” to complete this process and delete this controller pairing from your full list of memory devices that is stored in your PS4’s system data..

6 Press and hold down on both triggers (“L2” & “R2”) at once until the LED light stops flashing on your controller; this completely powers off your device if successful and disconnects it from any paired system it was connected to previously..


1. Begin by pressing and holding down both triggers (“L2” & “R2”) simultaneously until the LED lights begin flashing rapidly; this puts it into pairing mode indicated by a blinking lightbar which is typically blue in color..

2. Next navigate back into Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices on your PS4 system as before; look for any new device name listed as a “Wireless Controller” (or similar) appearing in that list now..

3. Select that device name and wait for successful reconnection acknowledgement; this usually takes only a few seconds depending on environmental conditions nearby..

4 .If done correctly, you should be able to see playing sessions again (eg in Remote Play application) with any changes made via Bluetooth being successfully detected by your PS4.

 Advantages of Unpairing a PS4 Controller

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Unpairing a PlayStation4 controller from the system can offer numerous practical benefits. In addition to increasing security, resetting a DualShock 4 allows users to disconnect unwanted Bluetooth devices and reconfigure their settings from scratch. It is also an effective precaution if you plan to sell or give away your controller, as it ensures that all personal data associated with it is deleted.

When you reset your PS4 controller, all previously-connected accounts are removed, and all configuration changes—including button assignments, speaker volume, and speaker balance—are reverted to the default settings. Furthermore, the DS4’s lightbar turns off completely and its calibration data is reset. Finally, the firmware reverts back to its initial version, preventing any unexpected incompatibility issues between different games or applications.

Moreover, unpairing a DualShock 4 not only prevents others from connecting without your permission but also makes sure they cannot access any of your saved game progress or downloaded content on their own device – unless they also have a PSN account active on your console already. Lastly, after a controller is unhitched from one console for 30 days in total across multiple sessions then it can no longer be reconnected to that specific console again until its pairing sequence is initiated manually by the user once more.

If your Sony Dualshock 4 controller isn’t functioning properly, then you may need to reset it. To do this press and hold both the PlayStation button, Share button and Options button at the same time for 10 seconds until all four lights on the front of your controller flash rapidly. Your controller is now factory reset with no further options required – enjoy using it with other devices!