How to cover a mirrored closet door

Covering a mirrored closet door is a great way to refresh the look of a room without having to do any major renovations. One of the most important aspects of this project is proper preparation. You will need to gather your supplies and make sure that the surface is properly prepared before you start. This section will outline some tips on how to best prepare for this job:

  • Gather your supplies
  • Make sure the surface is properly prepared

Measure the closet door

Before you begin the process of covering a mirrored closet door, you should take some time to measure it. This will help you determine how much fabric and other supplies are needed for your project. You will need to measure both the width and the height of the closet door and record these measurements in a notebook so that you can reference them when buying supplies.

When measuring for fabric, it is important to keep in mind that some stretching of the material may occur during installation so be sure to measure your cloth generously. To make sure there is enough extra material for this stretching, add an extra few inches to each end of both the width and height measurements.

Additionally, keep in mind that if there are any curves or irregularities in your closet door they will also be reflected in your fabric need – so make sure that note these necessary allowances as you plan out your design concept. Taking careful measurements will help ensure the finished product looks appealing and reflects your personal style!

Choose a fabric or material

When choosing a material or fabric to cover the mirror, it is important to keep in mind the amount of light reflection as well as permanence. Fabrics such as burlap, cotton and canvas can all be used to create a cozy look while providing an adequate amount of light reflection. Heavier fabrics such as velvet, chenille or suede can provide a more rustic feel and can create a more permanent look.

If you have chosen vinyl or faux leather material, make sure that it is thick enough and has enough texture to be able to diffuse any light that may hit the surface. Additionally, heavier materials such as bamboo will usually create a more permanent effect; if you decide to go for this option make sure that you purchase enough yardage for double layers in order for it not to tear or ride up from pressure exerted from behind.

Both fabric and material come in various patterns both classic and modern. It’s always recommended to match the style of your wardrobe to the pattern of your choice for an added sense of continuity throughout the room. You could also opt for creating your own pattern by adding different elements such as bows, flowers or stars onto a plain background color of your choice.

Gather the necessary supplies

Gathering the necessary supplies before you begin is one of the most important steps in the process of covering a mirrored closet door. Start with a roll of heavy-duty wrapping paper or some vinyl shelf and drawer liner. You will also need one or more rolls of double-sided adhesive tape, such as painter’s tape, and a plastic squeegee or flat edge to work out any wrinkles in your paper. Alternatively, if you intend to use shelf and drawer liner, many brands come with integrated adhesive that just needs to be pressed down firmly to apply.

Once you have checked off all these items on your list and gathered them into one place, you’re ready to start covering your mirrored closet door!

  • Heavy-duty wrapping paper
  • Vinyl shelf and drawer liner
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Plastic squeegee

Removing the Mirrored Door

Removing a mirrored closet door can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and proper safety precautions, it can be done. Before taking on this project, make sure you know what materials you’ll need and the proper steps to follow. This article will give you tips on how to cover a mirrored closet door, from removing the door to finishing the project.

Unscrew the door from the hinges

To remove a mirrored closet door, start by unscrewing the door from the hinges. This is a very important step since it will help you avoid breaking the glass. If you cannot unscrew the screws with your fingers, try using a screwdriver or power drill instead. Once the screws are out, lift the mirror off of its hinges and set aside. Depending on where you intend to cover up the mirror, you may want to consider wearing some protective gloves during this process.

Once that’s done, you will need to measure and decide where exactly you would like to affix your covering material. If you are using curtain panels or patterned fabric as a covering solution, carefully measure and cut them to fit your space. If using a wallpaper strong enough for closets, measure and cut that instead! Finally it’s time to attach whichever material you chose:

  • Simply nail or glue in place as needed utilizing an adhesive suitable for your chosen material.

Carefully remove the door

Carefully remove the door by carefully prying it off of the track with a pry bar or screwdriver. Once you have removed it from the track, lay it down in an open space and disassemble the pieces. Make sure you label all of the screws, extrusions and knobs for easy reassembly later.

Once you’ve taken off all components, inspect each piece for wear and tear or fragility. If necessary, use a sealant such as Gorilla Glue to repair any damages before reinstalling it on your new closet door. Doing this will ensure that your new door won’t hit any weak points when put in place and cause further damage than needed.

Also make sure to measure each of your components accurately so that they correspond properly when reassembled on your newly designed door. If any pieces are worn or damaged too severely to use, make sure to replace them before installing the new closet door in place.

Covering the Door

Covering a mirrored closet door is an effective way to give your bedroom a facelift or hide an ugly or scratched mirror. There are several options available on the market, ranging from curtains to contact paper, but there are also some DIY tips you can use to do the job with minimal effort.

In this article we will look at some of the best tips for covering a mirrored closet door:

Apply adhesive to the back of the door

Applying adhesive to the back of the door will ensure your covering stays in place and provides a more secure fit. After you have selected a material and cut to size, use an adhesive spray, glue strips or double-sided tape to adhere it to the back of the door, depending on the material you have chosen.

Adhesives are easy and convenient to use, but if working with fabric or felt remember that some adhesives could stain or discolor your material over time. If you’re unsure about what type of adhesive is best for your door covering, consult an expert at your local hardware store.


Place the fabric or material onto the door

Covering a mirrored closet door can be a great way to freshen up your bedroom, living room or any other room of your home. Regardless of the material or fabrics you use, you should begin by securing the fabric or material onto the door. This will help to keep it in place during both the installation and usage.

If covered with an adhesive, place a flat piece of cardboard over the fabric which will help when using an iron to activate the adhesive and stick it to the door surface. Begin at one end of the door and work your way down smoothing out any bubbles as you go along. It’s best to have someone assist in this process since one person can hold up either end of the fabric while it is being maneuvered into position on both sides of the door.

In order for this job to be successful, ensure that all surfaces are clean and free from dirt, dust and grime prior attempting this task as dust particles can make it difficult for adhesives to bond properly with surfaces they are applied to. Once you have placed all four edges securely onto your desired door surface, let them dry or cool off before proceeding with any further steps related to covering the mirrored closet door.

Trim the edges of the fabric or material

When covering a mirrored closet door with fabric or another material, it is important to ensure a neat and attractive finish. This can be achieved by carefully trimming the edges away. Depending on the type of fabric or material you are using, you may need to use scissors or a rotary cutter. Trim the edges so they meet perfectly together at the corners and along the top and bottom edges of the closet door. If you are using thick materials like canvas, line them up with a ruler if needed for even and square trimming results.

Once you have trimmed all four sides, you can move on to attaching your fabric or material to your closet door.

Reinstalling the Door

Cleaning and installing a mirrored closet door is a great way to spruce up the appearance of your closet space. However, it can be a tricky process if you don’t know what you are doing.

In this article, we will cover some tips for successfully reinstalling the door and cover any other options you may have. Let’s get started!

Reattach the door to the hinges

Reattaching the door to the hinges is an essential step in covering a mirrored closet door. When removing the door from its hinges, use caution so you don’t damage the pieces. The hinges should be tightly secured to ensure that the door will remain properly aligned and not slide out of place when opened and closed. Make sure that all screws are firmly tightened before installing door coverings.

If you have a hinged bi-fold closet doors, start by measuring the total width of both doors combined, then reduce this measurement by one-eighth-inch for clearance and mark your result on each side of each panel (this will let you know where to place your hinges).

Using a predrilled template or screwdriver, attach a hinge on each side of both panels and make sure they fit snugly (you may need a helper for this part). Once all four sides are secure, it’s time to install your mirror replacement or other covering material. Keep in mind that if you use wood paneling as a covering option, you may need extra metal corner pieces for additional stability in some models. Be sure to take accurate measurements when purchasing metal auxiliary parts for your bi-fold closet doors. Finally, make sure that the finished product is securely bonded before using it to hang clothes inside your wardrobe!


Secure the door with screws

The first step to re-installing your mirrored closet door is to securely attach it to the opening. Start by making sure that the tracks, wheeled assemblies and door panels are in good condition. If any parts need replacing, you should replace them before attempting to secure the door. Once these pieces are firmly in place, use screws and a drill to attach the door into the frame of the opening. Make sure there are no gaps around the edges so that when it is closed, there is no space for light or sound leakage.

To ensure that everything is installed correctly and securely, try letting someone else observe your progress while you are attaching it. This way they can make sure that you have all of your tools properly set up and secured with screws properly, as well as monitor anything you may have missed as you were re-installing the door.

Once everything is firmly secured into place, re-install all of your hardware such as handles or pulls so that they match up with their corresponding position on both sides of the mirror panel. Make sure they are securely fastened into place with screws or other attachments provided by each individual manufacturer in order to avoid any future issues with them when operating your closet doors in the future.

Finishing Touches

Mirrored closet doors can add a sense of light and spaciousness to any room, and covering them is an easy way to customize the look of your closet without removing the mirrors. There are several methods you can use to cover a mirrored closet door, ranging from simple solutions such as using curtains to more complicated solutions like upholstering the door with fabric.

In this guide, we’ll be going over some helpful tips for covering a mirrored closet door so that you can make the best decision for your space:

Add decorative trim or embellishments

For a more decorated look, consider adding decorative features to your mirrored closet door. There are a variety of options available, depending on your style and budget. Generally, it is best to avoid glue-on embellishments or anything that could damage the mirror.

Trim is an attractive and easy way to cover a mirrored closet door. Consider adding moulding around the edges of the frame or applying decorative trim around each pane of glass. Moulding and trim can be found in any home store, in finishes like white, black, silver and gold to complement any space.

Another option is to install wall decals or stickers around the mirrors – these can come in an array of colors, designs and shapes for even more flexibility when decorating your doors. Vinyl lettering can also be used as an inexpensive way to personalize the frames by adding artwork, quotes or words that are special to you!

Seal the edges with a sealant

The edges of mirrored closet doors wear down fairly quickly and can be prone to damage. To protect the mirror and the frame, it is a good idea to seal the edges with a clear sealant. This will help keep out dirt, dust, insects and other debris from getting inside the frame. It will also provide additional protection against moisture buildup.

It’s important to select the right type of sealant for your particular door type so that you don’t end up having problems down the line or using an inappropriate product for your mirror. Clear silicone caulk is often used for sealing mirrored closet doors as it is durable and waterproof. You can also use a foam-based construction adhesive if you have something thicker than silicone or if you don’t specify a moisture barrier.

Once you have decided which sealant to use, make sure to clean any dirt from around the edges before applying it with an applicator gun (or alternatively, with a caulk gun). Apply in narrow strips around each corner beginning at the top of each side so that any excess can be pushed back into place as it cures. Be sure to check periodically during this process as some sealants develop air bubbles over time which should be carefully smoothed over with your gloved fingers. Finally, let dry then enjoy longer lasting protection!

Hang the door in the closet

Before you get started on covering a mirrored closet door, the first step is to hang the door in the closet so that it is correctly aligned and secure. This must be done carefully in order for the door to open and close properly.

  • To hang the door, use a level to ensure it is aligned horizontally, and then firmly attach it to the wall frame with appropriate hardware (nails or screws).
  • Make sure there is enough clearance between the edge of the door and adjoining walls to ensure that when opened, it does not hit or scratch nearby surfaces.

Once you have hung your door, you can begin applying coverings on both sides of it.