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Where to buy smart lighting

Smart lighting is becoming increasingly popular in homes as an affordable and easy way to transition to a smarter, more automated living space. Smart lighting products come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of sophistication, but they all offer some form of control via a mobile app or home assistant. Whether you’re looking for basic features such as dimmable lights or want to get more custom features like scene setting capabilities, there are plenty of great places to buy smart lighting.

Below, we will discuss the best places for you to shop for and purchase smart lighting products. We have considered price, selection, ease-of-use and other qualities when picking the best stores in this guide. Additionally, we will provide an overview of the different types of smart lighting that are available so that you can make an informed choice when it comes time to purchase your own lamps and fixtures. So whether you’re outfitting an entire house with automated lights or just looking for a single accent lamp with some advanced control options – these are the best places to buy smart lighting.


Amazon is one of the best places to buy smart lighting. Not only do they have a wide variety of products and brands to choose from, they also offer competitive prices and fast shipping options. Amazon also has customer reviews which can help you make an informed decision. Furthermore, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get free 2-day shipping on select items.

All of these factors make Amazon one of the best places to buy smart lighting.

Range of Products

At Amazon, customers can access a wide range of products and services. The company carries a vast selection of books and media content, including Kindle e-readers, Amazon Fire Tablets, Echo devices, and Fire TV. In addition to electronics, the store also sells apparel and accessories, beauty items, gourmet food items and groceries. Customers can also shop for home décor items such as furniture, lighting fixtures and décor accents as well as garden supplies.

Amazon also offers an array of services from Alexa voice shopping to online streaming with Amazon Prime Video. The digital music streaming service offers over 2 million songs and users can control their music directly from their Amazon Echo devices. The company has many different payment options for customers including its own digital wallet service called Amazon Pay.

For businesses or individuals who want to take advantage of their purchasing power, the company provides an enterprise solution with its Amazon Web Services offering cloud computing solutions for data storage and analytics among other services in addition to its Marketplace system allowing third party sellers to reach more customers through easy integration into the product selection on the website.

In addition to all these products and services mentioned above there are several programs that make it easier for customers to shop on Amazon such as Prime shipping discounts or Dash buttons so you never run out of your favorite products again!


When selecting lighting for your home or office, it’s important to consider the quality of the products you’re buying. Fortunately, Amazon offers a wide variety of smart lighting options from top brands such as Philips Hue and LIFX.

These products deliver reliable performance and excellent features that can be used to customize and control your lighting in any space.

When perusing Amazon for your ideal smart lighting, consider their commitment to quality by looking at reviews and ratings provided by other customers. For example, Philips Hue products generally have an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars with thousands of user reviews available to read. This gives shoppers confidence that they’re making the right decision when it comes to their purchase.

Additionally, Amazon offers a return policy on most items sold through them which provides peace-of-mind when making a purchase online that may not meet your expectations or needs after receiving it. With this in mind, exploring Amazon’s wide selection can be an informative process during which shoppers can find the perfect smart lighting solution for their home or office within their desired budget range.


When shopping for smart lighting, the cost can vary greatly depending on the features and capabilities that you are looking for. For example, a simple LED light bulb may only cost around $10 or less, while a light strip with color changing capabilities could be upwards of $60. If you’re shopping on Amazon, you can filter your search results by price to narrow down your options and find what works best for you. Additionally, Amazon often runs deals and promotions on certain products so it’s always worth taking a look at their special offers page before making your purchase.

When budgeting for smart lighting, be sure to consider the cost of any accompanying hardware (such as a hub or switch) that may be necessary in order to power it up. Furthermore, some systems may require additional sensors or extras that add costs as well.

With that being said, there are some great value options out there when it comes to smart lighting – so shop around!


Apple is one of the best places to buy smart lighting. Not only do they offer a wide variety of products, but they also provide excellent customer service. Furthermore, you can explore manufacturer’s and retailer’s terms, guaranteeing that you get the right product for the right price.

Apple is also a great place to get advice and guidance on the best smart lighting product for your specific needs.

Range of Products

Apple is one of the top contenders in the smart lighting market and it offers a range of products to suit different budgets, needs, and styles. Their range of products come from industry leaders including Philips Hue, LIFX, and Nanoleaf. Featuring world-class technology, vibrant colors, and quick setup times, Apple’s collection of smart lighting products are sure to transform any space into a modern work of art.

The range of Apple’s smart lighting products includes the Philips Hue White Ambiance starter kit, which comes with two bulbs and a bridge that connects them to your Wi-Fi network; the LIFX Z starter kit with two multicolor dimmable lights; Nanoleaf’s ultra-modern Hexagons light panels; as well as their full-color LED strips. For those looking for more control over their home lighting fixtures, Apple also offers its own HomeKit platform which allows users to use voice commands or an app on their mobile device to control various lighting products around their home.

Regardless of which type you choose to invest in for your home or office space, Apple’s breadth of styles at its disposal ensures there will be something for everyone. With high quality options available from some of the most renowned brands in the business today – from soft white tones perfect for relaxation after a long day all the way up to eye-catching light shows – there is no limit to how creative you can get with your space!


Apple is a great source for purchasing quality smart lighting, as each product is built with premium parts and components. The user experience is also unmatchable, thanks to Apple’s streamlined design and intuitive user interface. Apple’s products are designed to work seamlessly with iOS devices, with easy setup and connection. Customers can also be sure that their data will remain safe and secure while they are using Apple’s products, since they have the best security protocols in the industry.

Furthermore, purchasing directly from Apple ensures that their customer support team is available should you need any assistance or have questions about your product.


When shopping for smart lighting, it is important to consider the price associated with each brand. Smart lighting can range significantly in cost depending on the type of lamp, bulb or fixture you buy. At the most basic level, a single LED bulb may start around $5 but can go up to $20 for a higher-end LED bulb that features built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Complete light fixtures and lamps may run anywhere from $60 – $300 depending on the type of lamp and features.

Apple products tend to fall into the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price since they are built with top-of-the-line technology and advanced features. A single Apple HomeKit enabled Philips Hue LED light bulb may cost approximately $50 while an Apple HomePod Mini will cost around $99. Other devices such as HomePod and Apple TV are higher priced options that come with additional capabilities such as streaming services, voice control, and music playback.

Finally, Apple switches, dimmers, motion sensors and plugs can range from approximately $15 – $70 each depending on their functionality level.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a great option when it comes to purchasing smart lighting. They offer a wide selection of products from top brands such as Philips, Lifx, and Lutron. Best Buy also offers free shipping on most orders, so if you’re looking for a convenient way to shop for smart lighting, then Best Buy is the perfect choice.

Let’s dive deeper into all that Best Buy has to offer:

Range of Products

When you’re shopping for smart lighting, it’s important to consider the type of product and the range of features available. Smart lighting products come in a variety of styles and configurations, all with different features that can affect their performance and ability to meet your needs.

Common types of smart light bulbs include LED, halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent. Smart lighting can also be found in form factors such as downlights and floods. Furthermore, some lights are dimmable while others are not so you’ll need to consider your preferences when making a purchase decision.

For added convenience, many products come with voice-activated voice assistant support or app control options that make it easy to manage your home lighting from anywhere at any time. In addition to device flexibility, look for options with adjustable brightness levels and wide color selection so you can find the perfect look for any room.

Finally, makes sure to buy from a reliable retailer so you can be sure that the product is genuine and backed by warranty coverage if something goes wrong with your purchase.


When you’re shopping for smart lighting, quality matters. You want your lights to last and be energy-efficient, so look for lighting systems made from premium components. Consider the type of bulbs you need, such as LED or halogen, and check for product specifications such as wattage and lumen output. Additionally, look for product certifications that testify to the trustworthiness of a certain product or brand.

You’ll also want your lighting systems to offer a wide range of features that can be tailored to your needs. Look for products with remote control capabilities that allow you to control your lights without having to get out of bed or turn on a switch. Look also for products with integrated dimming functions and voice command capabilities so that you can control the lights using voice commands as well as physical switches. Finally, look at compatibility factors – will the light work with other systems in your home such as security or heating? Ensure that any lighting system you purchase is compatible with other existing smart technologies before committing.


When it comes to smart lighting, price is a key factor when deciding on which brand or product to buy. Fortunately, depending on your budget, there are plenty of options available on the market ranging from low- to high-end.

In general, the cost of a single smart bulb can be anywhere from $15-$30 USD. However, prices can vary depending on the additional features that come with the bulb and if it is designed for outdoor use. It’s best to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase decision.

For larger fixtures such as puck lights or strips, you can expect to pay between $20-$100 USD for those products. Other more integral parts of the system like light switches and control hubs will also incur higher costs depending on their functions but these may be worth it in improving performance and ease of operation when used with an integrated system.

Overall, your budget should dictate where you fall into this range of choices as well as whether or not customizing your lighting system with additional pieces makes sense for what you need in terms of brightness and control over your surroundings without breaking the bank.


Target is one of the best places to buy smart lighting products. They offer a wide selection of products at a variety of price points to fit any budget. Additionally, Target’s online store makes it easy to shop for the right lighting products and their in-store customer service is excellent.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of buying smart lighting from Target:

Range of Products

At Target, you will find a wide range of products when it comes to smart lighting. Whether you’re looking for something simple like a light bulb or something more complicated, like a light switch, Target has you covered. Some of the most popular options include dimmable bulbs and switches, remote-controlled lights and outlets, and color-changing bulbs.

There are many different brands available, including Philips Hue, Lutron Caséta Wireless and Sengled Element SmartLighting System. Products from each brand vary in price so you can find the perfect fit for your budget.

Target also carries a variety of accessories that can help make your smart lighting system even easier to use. They have:

  • wall controllers so you can control multiple lights with one switch
  • motion sensors that detect when someone enters the room so they only turn on when necessary.
  • extension cords if you need additional length between fixtures or outlets.

All accessories are specifically designed to work with whatever brand of lights are already in your home – no need to buy extra adapters!


When shopping for smart lighting, it is important to look for lights that are both good quality and reliable. Quality lighting fixtures will have a durable construct and should last for many years, with minimal maintenance. It is also important to check whether the product has been certified or tested by an independent organization, such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or NSF International.

Additionally, it can be beneficial to make sure the product you are buying supports a variety of features such as remote control, personalization settings and voice activation. These features will allow you to make your lighting more energy efficient, secure and aesthetically pleasing. For example, dimmable lights can help cut energy costs by saving electricity when the light is not in use. Additionally, certain smart lights can be connected to motion sensors for added security. Many devices also feature integrated speakers so that you can enjoy music from your favorite providers while using your lighting too!


If you’re looking to buy smart lighting, it’s important to compare prices and decide which type of lighting suits your budget. Smart lighting products are available at a variety of price points – from entry-level products for around $50 up to luxury options costing upwards of $400.

The cost of a particular product should not be the sole deciding factor when choosing what to buy, as there are many other factors which could cause an increase in expense over time. One must consider all aspects such as ease-of-use, reliability, and energy efficiency when considering all options.

When shopping, look for areas where costs can be saved through acquiring compatible accessories or finding discounts on bulk orders. Also, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s warranty, since this will cover any costs incurred if the product fails before anticipated. Finally, make sure that you are buying certified products so that your purchase matches safety standards set out by authorities such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Energy Star certification programs.


Walmart is a popular option for buying smart lighting solutions. They offer a wide variety of options from top brands like Philips Hue, GE C-Life, and more. Plus, you can find a great selection of bulbs, switches, and more that are compatible with a variety of smart home platforms.

Let’s take a closer look at the smart lighting solutions Walmart has to offer.

Range of Products

Walmart is an ideal destination for shoppers seeking a variety of smart lighting products at a range of prices. Whether you’re looking for an LED bulb or connected lighting strips, Walmart has what you need.

LED bulbs are available in both standard and specialty shapes, which can be used to replace traditional incandescent bulbs. Walmart offers an impressive selection of quality LED bulbs from well-known brands such as Sylvania, Philips, and Insteon that offer the energy efficiency and long-lasting performance you need.

If you’re looking to add atmosphere to your home with smart wireless lighting options, Walmart’s range of connected lighting options will not disappoint. From RGB color-changing strips to single-color solutions perfect for accenting your living room couch, there is something here for everyone who wants to control their lights with the touch of a button or with their voice commands given through virtual assistant technology.

Whatever your budget or smart lighting needs may be, you’ll find exactly what you need at Walmart!


When it comes to selecting smart lighting, quality is an important consideration. Although there are countless brands and varieties of smart lighting available in the market, not all will have the same level of reliability or quality. At Walmart, you can be sure to find high-quality products from reputable brands such as Philips and WeMo that offer durable and long-lasting performance for your home.

Walmart also offers a wide range of choice in terms of prices compared to other stores. From budget options such as LED lightbulbs by Cree to top-of-the-line models from Philips Hue, Walmart has something for everybody. The store also makes sure to stock the latest innovations in smart lighting technologies, offering customers access to leading products from industry leaders in the market at competitive prices.


When investigating where to buy smart lighting, price is an important factor. Walmart offers competitive prices on their selection of smart lighting solutions from trusted brands like Philips, Sylvania, and Kasa. You can find bulbs for as low as $4.97 for a 60-watt soft white fluorescent light bulb or $9.78 for a 100-watt Philips LED lightbulb, which is an impressive bargain given the performance of these bulbs.

Walmart also offers a range of starter kits that bundle two or more bulbs for additional savings – helping you get your home automation system off the ground without breaking your budget. In addition to their reliable selection of pre-packaged solutions, Walmart also has individual components and accessories to customize your setup – so no matter the size of your project or budget, you can find what you need at Walmart.

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Home Depot

Home Depot is an ideal place to buy smart lighting for your home. Not only does this store have a wide selection of high-quality products, but they also provide competitive pricing and a convenient online shopping experience. The store carries smart lighting products from leading brands like Philips, Lutron, and Leviton, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Plus, with free shipping on orders over $45, you can get your new fixtures delivered right to your door.

Let’s dive into all the benefits of shopping for smart lighting at Home Depot:

Range of Products

At Home Depot you’ll find a wide range of smart lighting options, whether you’re looking for a single light bulb or a full overhead lighting system with voice command capabilities. From LED energy-efficient bulbs to chic Philips Hue colored bulbs, the Home Depot has the products that can make any room look modern and sophisticated.

For simple smart lighting solutions, choose from a selection of light bulbs that can be controlled remotely via an app on your phone or voice commands through your device. You can dim the lights, control the brightness and change colors when desired. Home Depot also offers complete systems including motion sensors, dimmers and switches for added convenience and ease of use.

Whether you prefer colored or white lights, there are numerous options available from brands such as LIFX and Philips Hue. Even if you already have existing recessed lighting in your home or office space, you may be able to install kits that enable smart product integration with minimal installation cost or effort.

You should also consider options such as automated dimmers, occupancy sensors and fuse disconnects which often work with multiple product types for maximum coverage in all areas of your home. The right smart lighting products not only make settings more adjustable but they also provide added convenience while conserving energy at the same time – it’s easy to find something that suits your style at Home Depot!


When shopping for smart lighting, quality of the product is an important factor to consider. Customers should look for lights that have a long-lasting LED and are weatherproof. Home Depot has a variety of options available with both indoor and outdoor lights that can withstand in any temperature. Plus, all products come with the manufacturer’s warranty to guarantee their safety and effectiveness.

Home Depot also offers expert advice on smart lighting products to help customers make the best decision for their needs. Its team will explain how these products work and what would be best for each customer’s lifestyle – from color changing bulbs, dimmers, multi-taskers, or light switches à la carte.

In addition to being able to select from a wide selection of options available both in store and online, customers benefit from buying from The Home Depot since its product quality is guaranteed by its renowned suppliers with 25 years of experience in the field.


When shopping for smart lighting, it’s important to consider price. You’ll want to make sure you are getting the best value for the money you are spending. The price of smart lighting can vary greatly whether you shop online or in store.

Home Depot is a great place to pick up smart lighting at competitive prices. Not only do they offer a wide selection of name brands but they also carry their own exclusive products that are competitively priced, making them an ideal choice for budget-conscious shoppers and those looking for special deals and discounts.

Home Depot has numerous deals at certain times throughout the year such as holiday discounts and buying in bulk which can help you save money and get the most out of your purchase. They also have an easy shipping policy for online orders and free returns if you decide you don’t like your product after all.

Shopping at Home Depot lets you compare prices between different smart lights, helping you find the perfect option without breaking the bank when upgrading your home!

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With all the options out there, it can be difficult to decide where to buy your smart lighting. But you can’t go wrong if you consider the quality, price, availability, customer service and warranty guarantees. Investing in a reliable product from a reputable retailer is always a good idea.

No matter which store you shop at, checking reviews, comparing prices and reading specifications can help you make sure you’re getting a good deal on the best product for your needs. Remember that reliable customer service reps are available to help with any questions or concerns – so if you’re still feeling unsure after researching your options, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. Choosing the right smart lighting store doesn’t have to cause headaches – armed with this knowledge, you can confidently make an educated decision that will leave both your wallet and your home looking just right!