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Nowports is a digital shipping platform revolutionizing how goods are delivered in Latin America. With the recent raise of $5.3 million, the company is poised to become the Flexport of Latin America.

This article will explore how Nowports is revolutionizing Latin American shipping and what it means for businesses looking to ship in the region.

Nowports raises $5.3 million to become Latin America’s digital shipping answer to Flexport

Nowports is a leading logistics provider in Latin America specializing in revolutionizing freight shipping services. Since its inception, Nowports has focused on providing affordable, effective and innovative solutions to the complex challenges of sending goods across international borders. The company has utilized cutting-edge technology to eliminate time-consuming processes traditionally associated with shipping services. By streamlining the shipping process and partnering with local carriers in Latin America, Nowports offers an efficient alternative for companies to move goods from port-to-port without relying on costly third party brokers or agents, who typically add overhead expenses.

Nowports indexes real-time access to a vast network of global freight carriers using predictive analytics for better fleet choices when it comes to cost efficiency and performance needed by customers. As a result of their efforts, Nowports provides customers with top notch services by creating greater visibility over shipments and transit times while giving customers full control over the cost of their freight bills.

Furthermore, customers can take advantage of Nowport’s team member’s extensive knowhow covering the entire Latin American marketplace to make more informed decisions that cant be easily overlooked when it comes to handling large volumes of product movement. With their fast turnover times and unique tracking system, businesses can have their deliveries tracked in real time, giving them an accurate knowledge of where they currently stand. At the same time, they are being transported across different countries within South America or around the world.

Lastly, customers have continued to receive excellent customer service as well as nonstop support whenever any challenges associated with shipment(s) arise which allow them run their business processes smoothly with no foreseeable setbacks due to interruptions from inefficient operations providers frequently experienced by companies not serviced by Nowports.

Overview of the Latin American shipping industry

Latin America has vast potential for businesses looking to quickly and cost-effectively transport goods. The region boasts fantastic infrastructure, educated labor-workforces, high population density and ample access to ports. However, despite these features the Latin American shipping industry still struggles with inefficiencies between companies and their success. Delays caused by limited vessel availability, skyrocketing freight rates and customs backlogs are the norm for many regional operations.

Given its size and diversity, identifying solutions tailored to each local market in Latin America demands an effective yet straightforward product offering that is easy to implement into existing processes and can scale according to a company’s needs. Nowports was designed with these complications in mind so businesses can save time shipping goods within Latin America, resulting in improved customer experience and better bottom lines than ever seen in the region’s logistics industry.

Nowports’ Business Model

Nowports is a digital logistics start-up that has recently raised $5.3 million to solve shipping challenges in Latin America. The company has built a business model with innovative features to make shipping easier and more efficient in the region.

This article will explore how Nowports makes shipping in Latin America more efficient.

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Overview of Nowports’ services

Nowports is changing the way cargo is shipped throughout Latin America. Through its advanced technology platform and proprietary logistics solutions, Nowports’ services provide customers with faster, more reliable shipment tracking; cost-effective solutions for international customs clearance; optimized network routes; and greater visibility into every shipment.

Nowports offers customers a wide range of services designed to make their shipping process as efficient and cost-effective as possible, including:

  • End-to-end tracking solutions that provide customers with real-time information on their shipments all over the world.
  • Customs clearance options that ensure that shipments comply with all necessary regulations, reducing delays and expediting delivery times.
  • Global route optimization ensuring that cargo travels along the most efficient route to its destination – saving time and money.
  • Shipment visibility throughout the delivery process lets customers know when their cargo will reach its destination.
  • Highly responsive customer support staff available 24/7 to answer questions and address customers’ concerns about their shipments or delivery status.

By combining its innovative technology platform and diverse service offerings, Nowports looks to revolutionize how businesses ship goods in Latin America – making it simpler, faster, more secure, and more cost efficient than ever.

How Nowports is using technology to revolutionize the shipping industry

Nowports, a logistics company based in Latin America, is revolutionizing the shipping industry with cutting-edge technology. By utilizing artificial intelligence, nowport has been able to streamline the data gathering and analysis process used to optimize supply chain performance.

Nowports’ mission is to provide shippers greater access to quality trucking services in Latin America. The company creates private supply chains that connect importers and exporters directly with qualified carriers with the capacity and equipment needed to perform a specific job. With its technology-focused leadership team, nowport’s goal is to reduce costs, minimize administration time and increase profit margins for all participants involved in the supply chain.

To support their business model, Nowport has implemented two core components: a comprehensive platform based on predictive analytics and a global network of carriers operating within 4 countries: Mexico, Colombia, Peru & Chile. The platform collects data from existing transportation providers, including cargo weight and volume and supply chain information like customs protocols, cost per mile and transit times; it then uses statistical analysis to form detailed insights into how companies can optimize their shipping operations through partner routing optimization technology. Furthermore, by leveraging its global network of reliable carriers Nowports tailor-made solutions for shippers of all sizes from small businesses through multinationals, it allows them to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of cost savings and time savings.

In conclusion nowports has developed an innovative approach towards optimizing the reliability of logistics planning by utilizing advanced predictive analytics supported by its globally connected network of carriers. Employing this approach allows shippers to benefit from highly accurate estimates when planning shipments on a regional basis and increased operational efficiency leading in turn towards greater customer satisfaction and ultimately higher profits for Nowports itself.

Nowports’ Funding

Nowports, a Latin American digital shipping platform, recently raised $5.3 million in Series A funding. This investment will help Nowports become a more efficient and user-friendly solution for businesses shipping to, from, and within Latin America.

This article will examine what this funding means for the Latin American region and how Nowports can revolutionize the shipping industry.

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Overview of Nowports’ $5.3 million funding round

Nowports, an efficiency-focused logistics tech business based in Latin America, recently closed a $5.3 million series A funding round. This gives Nowports the resources to expand their services across Latin America and potentially beyond. The funding round was led primarily by G Venture Capital, a venture capital firm with extensive experience in the industry. In addition, it included investments from some of the region’s leading investors including Promon Logicalis and Trinagro Investments.

The funding will allow Nowports to increase their routes, allowing them to service more destinations across Latin America. The company also plans to develop new technologies that can be used to simplify shipping processes around the region. These improvements could majorly impact businesses struggling with inefficient transportation options throughout Latin America.

This investment is a great example of how venture capital firms invest in promising start-ups in emerging markets such as Latin America, providing much needed financial resources for an industry ripe for innovation. With this injection of funds, Nowports can focus on developing a modernized transportation system that better meets customers’ needs throughout Latin America and beyond.

How Nowports plans to use the funding

Nowports is using the recently announced investment funding to streamline the logistics process across seven primary countries in Latin America. This initiative will build on Nowports’ technology platform to optimize timelines and efficiency of getting goods into new markets. Most investments are geared towards developing digital-multi-modal capabilities that handle various transport routes and manage and measure shipment progress.

Nowports’ technology platform provides a Carrier Management System and invoicing platform that helps digitize ocean freight transactions between shippers, carriers, customs and other stakeholders, giving them a real-time digital dashboard view of their operations. Through this investment, Nowports plans to refine their current tools by providing a central hub for customers. This hub will allow customers to monitor their shipments more closely by aggregating shipment data from different sources into one central location. Customers can then easily track their shipments from origin to destination with real-time updates on the status of each stage of the journey — arrival notices sent via email or text message being just one example.

The funds from this investment will also go towards furthering Nowport’s social mission by helping connect drivers throughout Latin America with services that provide skill building opportunities – such as welfare benefits, insurance offerings, fuel discounts etc — that have traditionally only been available in larger urban areas. Finally, this investment will help Nowports expand its outreach beyond Latin America and enter new markets worldwide while continuing to develop its current core offerings.

Impact of Nowports on the Latin American Shipping Industry

Nowports, a Latin American startup, has recently raised $5.3 million to become the region’s answer to Flexport in the digital shipping industry. This is set to revolutionize how goods are shipped across the Latin American region, creating new opportunities and avenues for success.

In this article, we will look at the impact Nowports is having on the Latin American shipping industry.

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How Nowports is making shipping more efficient

Nowports, the Latin American digital shipping service, is revolutionizing how shipping happens in Latin America. By providing a digital platform that connects buyers and carriers to streamline the booking, tracking and payment for shipment of goods, Nowports is revolutionizing how Latin American businesses ship their goods.

From streamlined online documentation and truck bookings to auto-tracking for shipped cargo, Nowports offers an efficient solution to ship anything from anywhere.

Nowports offers competitively priced pricing plans tailored to meet different customer needs. This allows users to customize their freight services by choosing the most cost effective shipping plan while maintaining quality control throughout the process. Nowports also simplifies the booking process by allowing customers to submit all necessary documents simultaneously and tracking each shipment digitally on a single dashboard. In addition to this simplified user experience, Nowports offers value-added services, including discounts for repeat customers and integration with third-party logistics providers for door-to-door deliveries.

The introduction of Nowports has ushered in an era of efficiency when shipping goods within Latin America and beyond its borders. With an integrated system designed with speed and accuracy in mind, businesses can now manage shipments faster than ever before while saving on costs associated with manual documentation, dispatch coordination, time delays caused by unavailability of paperwork or mismatched cargo arrival details etc., resulting in increased efficiency overall – reducing complexity and saving time!

How Nowports is helping to reduce costs

Nowports is an international maritime services provider revolutionizing the Latin American shipping industry, offering state-of-the-art digital solutions and services to help streamline supply chain management. By improving efficiency, automating processes and cutting costs, Nowports creates a competitive advantage for its clients in an ever-changing marketplace.

One way in which Nowports has made a huge impact on the Latin American shipping industry is its cost efficiency. Its advanced digital solutions are designed to minimize risk, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and quickly provide results. It also offers a range of options for customers, such as centralized rate schedules and performance indicators that enable customers to benchmark their performance against other carriers. This helps them make better decisions when selecting suppliers and allows them to identify areas of improvement that can lead to reduced logistics costs over time.

Nowports’ unique platform provides customers with 24/7 access to real-time pricing trends and analytics to compare quotes with competitors while allowing representatives from multiple companies to easily negotiate rates in one place. In addition, it uses predictive algorithms which enable companies to anticipate disruptions or changes in the market before they occur – enabling customers to adapt their operations accordingly and adjust pricing strategies where possible for even greater savings.

Furthermore, by automating processes such as invoicing, contract negotiation and others; Nowports greatly diminishes the extra labor required from these tasks – saving valuable resources and contributing greatly towards operational efficiency across many industries within Latin America. All of this makes it one of the most cost effective solutions for shipping organizations within Latin America today which has helped lower costs dramatically for many companies already leveraging its services.


Nowports, a Latin America-based digital shipping platform, has been making shipping in Latin America more efficient. With their $5.3 million funding, Nowports strives to be the new Flexport for Latin America.

In this article, we discussed the various ways Nowports has been working to revolutionize shipping in the region and the company’s long-term goals. Ultimately, with their innovative and streamlined service, Nowports is well on its way to becoming the new Flexport for Latin America.

Summary of Nowports’ success

In summary, Nowports has successfully changed how shipping is done in Latin America. It provides a fast, secure and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes to get their goods where they need to go. In addition, its advanced technology and efficient network of partners across the region has revolutionized how both large and small organizations think about handling their international logistics operations.

Its success can be seen in its extensive presence in Latin America and its rapidly growing global reach. As it continues to make headway into other markets worldwide, Nowports’ future looks promising.

Outlook for the Latin American shipping industry

As countries across Latin America continue to modernize and globalize their businesses, the shipping industry is in a prime position to benefit from these changes. Nowports, with its innovative and streamlined shipping solutions, is playing a crucial role in this process by making enterprises more efficient while reducing costs and hassle associated with traditional ocean cargo processes.

The logistics infrastructure developed by Nowports allows companies to save money and become more agile in adapting to ever-shifting market trends and new technology adoption. Nowports’ services create value for both importers and exporters across Latin America by providing complete transparency into the supply chain process—which includes visibility into order milestones, document management, freight tracking, proof of delivery (including images of ACI certificates) and returns management —allowing businesses to better respond to customer needs in the competitive landscape.

By leveraging its data-driven insights into market trends and customer behavior, Nowports can develop cost-effective optimization strategies that help clients decide how much inventory they need at any given time and where it should be located.

Overall, there is tremendous potential for growth within the Latin American logistics sector that has been largely untapped until now. Nowports has identified this opportunity: given its proven track record of success thus far, it looks set to lead the industry into a more efficient future for years to come.

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