This week, Kristin McGrath offered advice for the last few items on your Christmas wish list.

The “kristin mcgrath retailmenot” is a blog that offers advice on how to shop for the perfect last. The author, Kristin McGrath, has been in the industry for over 20 years and knows what she’s talking about.


Due to an increase in COVID cases, LAX is seeing an influx of holiday travelers. Due to an increase in coronavirus infections, the Los Angeles International Airport is experiencing a boom in holiday tourists.

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Moderna claims that their booster is effective against the Omicron variant. Moderna released early findings showing that a booster dose of their coronavirus vaccination increased antibodies that may help fight an infection with the Omicron variety.

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A Fiery Crash On The 605 Freeway Involved Several Vehicles On Monday morning, many automobiles were engaged in a catastrophic crash on the 605 Freeway near Whittier.

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A car accident in Pasadena spilled 1,300 gallons of gasoline into the Alhambra Wash. Hundreds of gallons of petroleum spilled into the Alhambra Wash following an accident in Pasadena on Sunday afternoon.

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In the Boyle Heights neighborhood, a chase ends in a standoff. Early Monday morning, a suspect led investigators on a chase that ended in a confrontation outside a hospital in Boyle Heights.

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In Irwindale, one person was killed in a big rig collision. On Sunday, the driver of the car that collided with the rear of a large truck perished. The automobile was discovered stuck under the semi truck’s back bumper.

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The New Year’s Eve Celebration in Grand Park has been canceled due to COVID-19. Due to escalating COVID-19 levels, the New Year’s Eve Celebration planned for Grand Park in Los Angeles has been canceled. Instead of being a live event, it’s now a broadcast-only affair.

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A Hazmat team is on the scene in Pasadena to clean up a gasoline spill. On Sunday, a gasoline pump was damaged by a car, spilling roughly 1,300 gallons of fuel. The gasoline poured into the Alhambra wash near Pasadena, on its way to San Marino. To prevent the strong stench of gasoline, authorities encouraged locals to remain in their homes and close their windows.

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Kristin McGrath, a shopping expert, offers tips for last-minute shoppers. Kristin McGrath, editor of “The Real Deal,” a retail coupon and information website, stopped by the studio to talk about the Christmas season and all of the shopping that goes along with it. She also gave guidance and gift suggestions to any last-minute buyers who were scrambling to put something together with less than a week till Christmas.

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Deputies rescue a hiker who has fallen in Ice House Canyon. Deputies rescued a hiker who tumbled down a mountain in the Cucamonga wilderness’ Ice House Canyon region on Sunday. The guy slid roughly 300 yards down the mountain.

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Police in Huntington Beach are on the lookout for a suspected drunk driver. On Sunday, Huntington Beach Police were pursuing a suspected stolen car and inebriated driver that started in Huntington Beach and ended in Long Beach.

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COVID-19 Outbreak Affects the Entire Southland The COVID-19 winter spike looks to be here, with thousands of positive cases reported every day. Many Californians are contributing to the battle against these growing numbers.

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Southland Malls are flooded with last-minute shoppers. Hundreds of consumers packed shopping malls around the Southland with less than a week till Christmas, hoping for a last-minute bargain.

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The No-Burn Order has been extended till Monday evening. Due to projected levels of severe air pollution, a no-burn order issued on Saturday and expected to continue through Sunday evening has been extended for portions of the Southland through Monday evening until 11:59 p.m.

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Emergency Response to a Gasoline Spill in Pasadena On Sunday evening, a gasoline pump at a 76 Station in Pasadena was damaged by a car, spilling approximately 1,300 gallons of fuel, necessitating a Hazmat cleaning team.

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During the holiday rush, LAX travelers face new challenges. The Christmas travel season has officially begun, with over 200,000 passengers expected to pass through LAX on Sunday alone. However, with COVID-19 regulations in place, travel in 2021 will be considerably more difficult.

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Authorities are looking into anti-Semitic hate flyers that were circulating in Beverly Hills. Many Beverly Hills homeowners awakened to find anti-Semitic hate flyers in their front yards on Sunday morning. The flyers linked the COVID-19 pandemic’s origins and cause to Jewish people. Authorities are looking for leads and requesting neighbors with security cameras to give them access so they can track down the culprits.

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Rapper Drakeo The Ruler Was Attacked And Died At A Los Angeles Music Event On SundayLos Angeles rapper Drakeo the Ruler was stabbed and killed backstage at the Once Upon a Time music festival on Saturday night. His attacker is still on the loose, according to authorities.

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The Los Angeles Fire Department is battling a commercial building fire in Arlington Heights. Crews from the Los Angeles Fire Department battled a commercial building fire in a single unit at a strip mall in Arlington Heights on Sunday.

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With a Record-Breaking Weekend at LAX, the Holiday Travel Rush is already underway. Officials at LAX believe that Friday was the largest travel day since the start of 2020, with millions of passengers expected to pass through the airport this weekend.

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Wrap-Up for December 19th on Inside SoCal For some people, having a dinner on the table over the holidays is a gift in and of itself. Erica Olsen has the story.

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Two people were killed in a high-speed chase in Highland, and an investigation is underway. A high-speed pursuit in the Inland Empire culminated in the deaths of two persons, prompting an inquiry. Amy Johnson has the story.

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Weather Forecast by Alex Biston (Dec. 19) By Wednesday, rain is expected to resume. Alex Biston has the story.

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For the Christmas travel rush, highways, trains, and planes are all packed. As people make their way to their Christmas destinations, highways, trains, and flights are filling up. Kara Finnstrom has the story.

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