The US is experiencing a spike in migrants attempting to cross the border. Border Patrol agents say they are seeing larger numbers of people trying to enter illegally and more children on their way north. Experts fear that increased pressure could cause an economic decline, but others hope the country can remain strong through this adversity

The “what’s happening at the border right now 2021” is a story about how migrants are trying to cross into the US. The number of migrants trying to enter has risen over the last few years.



Migrants at the US-Mexico border are becoming a source of anxiety for the Trump administration. According to Customs and Border Patrol statistics, the number of border-crossing attempts increased by over 140 percent in November compared to October. When compared to August and September, the results for November are lower. Of course, there were significantly fewer crossings in November of last year. Agents with the Border Patrol said there has been a little rise in the number of people attempting to cross, as well as interactions with unaccompanied minors.

In a nutshell, roughly 1.7 million people crossed the border in fiscal year 2021.

The drain on resources resulting from attempting to safeguard Americans from the menace of drugs is reported in the Daily Mail UK. More than 2,000 migrants were on their way to the United States in a caravan. The Border Patrol’s job is critical to the country’s economic health and national security. Furthermore, officials must guarantee that travel, commerce, and security along the borders run well. They play an important role in catching smugglers and criminals. The bottom line is to prevent vulnerable groups from being exploited.

The Biden Administration and Migrants

The migrants are a source of concern for the Biden administration.

It had to revert to former President Donald Trump’s policies. Asylum seekers must stay in Mexico while their applications are processed, according to protocol. The current government tried to abolish the program, but it was overturned by the court. The Biden administration has placed Trump’s intention to finish the border wall on hold, according to the Daily Mail UK.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott, on the other hand, is constructing a border wall in his state. He announced it on Twitter, saying, “Texas has officially begun constructing its own border wall.” To combat migration, Texas’ National Guard and Department of Public Safety have erected physical barriers along borderlines to prevent migrants from entering the state.

Steel transport containers, for example, fall into this category. Mexican officials found 600 migrants concealed in two containers earlier this month.

Migrants have strained resources to the breaking point.

According to CNN, the number of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border has increased in recent weeks. This has strained resources to the breaking point. According to US Customs and Border Protection statistics, approximately 22,000 persons have been apprehended crossing the border in Yuma. This is a 1,200 percent increase since January, posing a challenge for Biden’s administration. The majority of these individuals seem to be from the middle class, and their presence is indicative of Latin America’s economic and political instability. One of them, an attorney, claimed that he had no intention of migrating to the United States, but that he had little alternative due to political tyranny in his home country of Nicaragua.

A vehicle carrying migrants toppled in Mexico a few days ago, killing 54 people.

The epidemic of Coronavirus and Migrants

People are migrating north due to the Coronavirus epidemic and worsening circumstances in Central and South America. Authorities in South America have been keeping a close eye on the region’s burgeoning migrant population for months.

“On the one hand, Covid and the attendant recessions left many individuals in the Latin American middle class a lot worse off, and many who would not have considered moving have realized it’s a good choice,” said Andrew Selee, president of the Migration Policy Institute. Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security, warned migrants against placing their life savings in the hands of smugglers who would take advantage of their weakness.


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The “mexican border crossing” is a growing problem in the United States. The number of migrants trying to cross the US has increased by over 300 percent since last year.

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