The team got off to a good start in the first month of this season, but has since gone 3-5. One reason for those struggles is that Tom Coughlin’s departure as HC gave some “unnecessary stress” according to QB Trevor Lawrence. Now with Doug Marrone taking over, his presence will give the players more focus going forward.,

The “trevor lawrence jaguars” is a news article that discusses the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s opinion on how his team’s coaching change has given the locker room “focus.”

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – The Jacksonville Jaguars simply want some peace and quiet for the remainder of the year after 11 months of mishaps, mistakes, humiliating moments, and anonymous tales of turmoil among the coaching staff and between head coach Urban Meyer and players.

That’s why quarterback Trevor Lawrence and cornerback Shaq Griffin are relieved that offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell has been designated as the team’s temporary head coach after Meyer was fired early Thursday morning. Bevell is the ideal antidote to the shambles that have engulfed the club nearly since Meyer’s arrival in January.

Bevell, who previously served as the Detroit Lions’ interim head coach for the last five games of the 2020 season, is “very even keel,” Lawrence remarked. “It’s always the same individual, and he or she never goes too high or too low.” That is something I admire and with which I can communicate.

“So I’d say that’s the most important thing we need right now. Someone who is dependable and willing to go ahead and overcome obstacles.”

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There’s a lot to overcome, including the hire of strength coach Chris Doyle, who was accused of making racist statements and abusing Black Iowa players.

Meyer was caught on camera at a Columbus, Ohio, restaurant/bar acting improperly with a lady who was not his wife.

Tim Tebow’s tight end experiment ended miserably.

For excessive contact during a June 1 organized team activity, the NFL fined the Jaguars $200,000 and Meyer $100,000.

Meyer allegedly calling his assistant coaches losers, receiver Marvin Jones leaving the facility for a short time because he was furious with Meyer, and former kicker Josh Lambo saying Meyer kicked him during warmups have all occurred in the previous week.

And there’s so much more.

Lawrence and owner Shad Khan both described it as “dramatic,” and it likely affected the team’s mood and performance on the field. The Jaguars are 2-11 and are coming off a 20-0 defeat to Tennessee, the franchise’s fourth shutout loss.

“If you told me this is how this year was going to go, I wouldn’t believe you,” Lawrence added. “… I believe that [the coaching change] gives the men in the locker room a little more clarity.” I wouldn’t say it’s a relief, but it does provide some clarity and direction for the future.

“You know, we really want to end the season well, and to be honest, with everything going on, it’s been difficult to last the past week.” And I believe there are a lot of things getting stirred up from the outside as well. That didn’t help [and] made things a whole lot worse, but so did everything else.

“When there are so many things going on, it’s difficult to stay concentrated and devote all of your attention and energies to winning the game.”

Lawrence and Griffin both stated “relief” wasn’t the correct word to describe the locker room environment, although it certainly seems like it is.

“I believe the word ‘focused’ is the best,” Griffin added. “I feel like there’s been a lot going on, and it’s interesting to see how everyone is focused on what’s going on in the locker room and figuring out what’s going on on the field and making improvements.” That, I believe, is the appropriate term. Then there came practice, and it was incredible to watch how the offense attacked the day. That is something I believe we should see. We needed it, they needed it, and it’s a confidence boost, which I enjoy seeing.

“… I believe the appropriate term is ‘focus.’ The emphasis in the locker room is unmistakable, and that’s exactly where it should be. Keeping the major emphasis on this organization and the players is all that matters. In the locker room, things have been looking excellent.”

On Thursday, the atmosphere was much lighter around the facility, as shown by defensive lineman Jihad Ward doing repeated handstands throughout practice.

Bevell has already made a handful of modest adjustments, removing the announcer from practice and stating that he will coach from the sidelines for the remainder of the season. He claimed he had coached there as a coordinator every other year of his career until this one, when Meyer moved him to the box.

“Being up in the box for the past 13 weeks or whatever it’s been like has been strange. So I’m looking forward to getting back down there “”I’m going to call plays this week,” Bevell said, adding that he’ll re-evaluate next week. “When you’re on the field, there’s simply a lot of energy. When you’re up there, it’s like being in a video game. It’s stale, and it’s silent. So it’s excellent to be with the men; interaction is better, and communication with the players may be improved. I have excellent connection with the coaches through headset, but being able to see and speak with them on the field is a whole other experience.”

Meyer departed the Jaguars facility at 5 p.m. ET on Wednesday, and the coaching staff worked on the game plan for Sunday’s home game against the Texans without him, according to Bevell. Bevell also stated that as of 4 p.m. ET Thursday, he hadn’t talked with Meyer and that he didn’t want to comment on allegations of friction between Meyer and the assistant coaches.

“Coach Meyer brought me in here,” Bevell said, “and I have a lot of appreciation for him and what he accomplished for me and my family.” “Apart from that, I simply want to emphasize that, as I told the squad, we’re not looking back; today is a new day. We’re going forward, and all I want to do is keep moving forward, with all eyes on Houston and all we’re doing.”

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