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Chili Piper enables businesses to streamline their meeting scheduling and qualification processes. Chili Piper offers a meeting automation platform that goes far beyond simple calendar integrations. With its sophisticated suite of features, Chili Piper stands out from other meeting automation solutions in the market today.

Chili Piper focuses on flexibility, customization, and scalability. With simple yet powerful tools, marketers are empowered to take back ownership of the conversations with leads and customers instead of leaving it in the hands of sales reps. As a result, marketers get unprecedented control and visibility into how people interact with their business through Chili Piper’s platform.

At the same time, sales teams maintain full autonomy over their calendars with Chili Piper’s in-app scheduling tool. Sales reps can quickly adjust their availability with a single click based on unique circumstances or periods of peak demand and Chili Piper will automatically update their associated calendars accordingly.

On top of this, users benefit from superior customer service that is only available through Chili Piper’s team-based approach. Users are also backed by round-the-clock support staff at all organizational levels, which is not available with many other solutions on the market today.

In short, Chile PIper combines unparalleled customization for marketers and autonomy for sales reps — two features rarely found together in one automated solution package — allowing companies to reconcile communications across teams without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness in either area.

Meeting Automation Platform Chili Piper Gets Spicy With $33MM From Tiger Global

Chili Piper is a meeting automation platform that helps businesses increase sales productivity and accelerate deals. Unlike other platforms, Chili Piper offers a range of features that make it the perfect tool for sales teams. From scheduling meetings to automatic follow-ups, it offers an extensive suite of features that streamline the sales process.

This article will examine how Chili Piper stands out from other meeting automation platforms.

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Unique Features

Chili Piper provides a meeting automation platform that simplifies and streamlines the way you schedule, manage and book sales meetings. It eliminates the traditional back-and-forth of scheduling with an innovative software that allows customers to identify times that work for them, and have them directly booked into your calendar. Here are some of the unique features that set Chili Piper apart from other meeting automation platforms:

1. Automated Time Slot Selection: Chili Piper’s patented software is the only one on the market to include automated time slot selection, making it easy for customers to select a time based on their available hours, preferred days, and language preference.

2. Intelligent Routing: This feature allows companies to route leads and meetings quickly while keeping customer data secure. It automatically directs leads to the right people in order to increase efficiency, ensuring each potential customer or prospect gets seen by the right person at the right time.

3. Easy Meeting Availability Customization: With Chili Piper’s customizable availability settings, you can dictate how far in advance someone can book a meeting with you or which types of meetings should be routed different selections of teams/locations (e.g., webinar vs 1:1 call).

4. Seamless Calendar Integrations: Allowing your calendar platform (Outlook, Google Calendar) to directly integrate with Chili Piper means less manual maintenance when booking meetings! The integration will also provide email notifications when meetings are scheduled or cancelled as well as sync any reschedulings made within Chili Piper in real-time across multiple calendars if needed (e.g., central booking contact).

5. AI-Driven Meeting Booking Insights & Automation: Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Chili Piper’s AI technology provides continuous optimization on team members’ daily schedules and automated insights directly into their calendars—maximizing each team member’s productivity with complete visibility into their meeting histroy so they can continue pursuing their best opportunities at lightning speed!

Benefits of Chili Piper

Chili Piper is an innovative meeting automation platform that enables teams to optimize their sales process. It takes the guesswork out of helping businesses set up, schedule, and convert leads. With Chili Piper, teams can break down department barriers, increase efficiency across the organization, and bring leads through the sales funnel faster than ever before.

The platform provides numerous benefits for companies looking to streamline their sales process and take it to the next level. Here are just some of the ways Chili Piper can help:

• Automate scheduling: With automatic rules in place, Chili Piper will automate all scheduling with your customers. This reduces manual workloads such as setting up meetings with each customer or prospect individually.

• Analyze customer data: By connecting all your customer data into one place, you can better understand how to prioritize prospects in terms of hotness or coldness based on previous actions taken or metrics which matter most in their funnel.

• Streamlined interactions: The platform offers quick and intuitive ways for prospects to easily book meetings with the appropriate account executive or subject matter expert all on their own in a simpler, self-service process. This improves communication while reducing time spent playing phone-tag,” ensuring your team spends more time closing deals and less time managing calendar invites.

• Increase conversion rates: Teams have already seen unprecedented increases in conversion rates when using Chili Pipers full suite of automation capabilities —allowing them to hit target numbers more quickly and decisively than ever before.

Whether you’re looking for a way to maximize lead conversion rates or simply streamline existing processes within your sales organization, Chili Piper will surely create a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

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How Chili Piper is Different from Other Meeting Automation Platforms

Chili Piper is a meeting automation platform that leverages AI-driven optimization to help companies better manage their customer and sales meetings. The platform recently raised $33MM in a Series B funding round led by Tiger Global, furthering their position as a leader in the meeting automation space.

But what makes Chili Piper different from other meeting automation platforms? In this article, we’ll be exploring the unique features Chili Piper offers and how it differs from other meeting automation platforms.

Automation of Meeting Scheduling

Chili Piper allows automation of the meeting scheduling process, streamlining the way you book your meetings. So whether you’re looking for an enterprise-level automated booking solution, or a simple one-page widget to capture leads on your website, Chili Piper has it covered. With features like meeting reminder emails, workflow rules and detailed reporting capabilities – you can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Because Chili Piper integrates with many different calendar platforms (not just Google), you can even invite multiple generations to a meeting with one click — each person gets the invitation in their calendar format! It also offers different types of automations depending on the specific workflow requirements such as ‘Scarcity’ or ‘Time Slot’ automations.

You can also be sure that your meetings will be accurately scheduled and managed — even if lead volume fluctuates greatly during peak times. Automation tools allow you to schedule meetings at just the right times to ensure that two or more people involved in the call are available simultaneously — no more tedious back-and-forth negotiations! Additionally, all customer data is securely stored so you never have to worry about misplaced or lost information.

Automated Meeting Room Bookings

Chili Piper is a meeting automation platform that allows sales reps and their prospects to quickly book meeting rooms within their companies. Enter the company’s URL, the desired time and room, and choose whether you want individual or team meetings. Your team meetings will be booked and ready to go in just minutes!

Chili Piper stands apart from other meeting automation platforms with its sophisticated calendar integration, advanced analytics, and intuitive user experience. Chili Piper’s calendar integration feature seamlessly syncs with your existing software calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook to ensure all events are appropriately placed on the right days. The analytics features provide insight into how your teams book, prioritize, and reschedule team meetings–all in real-time! Additionally, Chili Piper streamlines the user experience for sales representatives and their prospects by providing a simple end-to-end solution that saves time.

In short, Chili Piper provides automated meeting room bookings that improve efficiency while simultaneously maintaining a clean user experience.

Automated Meeting Notifications

Chili Piper offers many automated meeting notifications that help ensure everyone involved in a meeting gets reminders ahead of time. This helps to eliminate the need for manual booking, freeing up time and resources. Meeting notifications are sent to the customer and the Chili Piper account holder and arrive in their preferred language.

Automated notifications offer a lot of options such as:

  • A pre-meeting “What To Expect” email
  • A post-meeting follow up email
  • SMS messages for customers that opt-in
  • Inbox reminders for folks who can’t meet in real time
  • Calendar sync so stakeholders know when their meetings are scheduled

These notifications help ensure that stakeholders are aware of a meeting, thus increasing its likelihood of success. Additionally, account holders know exactly when meetings happen, who is supposed to attend, and any other details important to the accuracy of a successful meeting experience.

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Automated Meeting Follow-Up

Chili Piper is a cloud-based meeting automation software that automates processes like booking and attending meetings with potential or existing customers. As a result, it increases efficiency, streamlines customer engagement, and builds deeper relationships with prospects. In addition, chili Piper sets itself apart by offering an automated meeting follow-up system.

The automated follow-up feature enables prospects to instantly schedule meetings in their calendar and be connected to the appropriate team member for the conversation. Furthermore, Chili Piper leverages artificial intelligence to provide personalized follow-ups, automatically reschedule meetings if needed, and recommend scripts for sales teams so they can get better results from their meetings. This innovative technology helps organizations maximize the value of customer engagements by ensuring more timely and efficient communications, better customer organization, streamlined sessions, and improved efficiency.

Additionally, Chili Piper’s automated meeting follow-up system works across various platforms including chatbots on messaging systems like Slack, Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams; schedules events on Google Calendar; sends notifications when customer events due date is approaching or when margins are not met; records all phone conversations; allows access to company’s call center analytics; calculates KPIs on closed deals; provides integration with Salesforce CRM; creates personalized dashboards for users’ activity logs as well as customer engagement data analysis report. All these capabilities provide greater insight into customer trends – helping organizations sustain a long term competitive edge in their industry.

Recent Funding from Tiger Global

Chili Piper secured $33 million from Tiger Global, bringing their total funding to $51 million. This notable investment has allowed the meeting automation platform to expand their scope and develop new features.

This section will cover the benefits of Chili Piper compared to other meeting automation platforms and why Tiger Global chose to invest in them.

Impact of the Investment

The recent investment from Tiger Global is set to significantly impact Chili Piper’s growth. As a meeting automation platform, Chili Piper provides an alternative to those seeking more control and flexibility over the scheduling process. By providing a more intuitive and seamless solution, Chili Piper has attracted attention from some of the biggest names in venture capital.

The injection of funding from Tiger Global is expected to help Chili Piper reach a wider customer base and expand its technological capabilities. Leveraging their experience and the resources they have recently acquired, Chili Piper plans to continue developing their products, introducing tailored solutions for larger enterprise businesses. The new funds are also predicted to aid research into Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology – allowing more automated processes without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Moreover, many experts attribute this investment as the final piece necessary for Chili Piper’s entrance into the public markets – even in these uncertain circumstances caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. After this injection of funding, all that’s left is for executives at Chili Piper to cross their Ts and dot their Is and it looks like nothing can stop them now!

Plans for the Future

Chili Piper recently secured a $45 million investment from Tiger Global, a leading venture capital firm focused on technology companies. This investment will enable Chili Piper to accelerate its platform development and continue creating product innovations that have become a part of the company’s mission.

With recent advancements in artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning, Chili Piper is uniquely equipped to pave the way for meeting automation at scale. With this recent funding injection, the company plans to build an AI-driven platform that will enable marketing, sales and support teams to easily scale their meetings operations in ways other meeting automation platforms haven’t yet realized.

The new funding will be used to expand core product development initiatives such as building an AI-driven virtual assistant so sales reps can quickly book meetings across multiple industries, expanding integrations with popular web browsers and supporting more deskless applications such as WhatsApp and SMS messages.

In addition to developing product enhancements, Chili Piper plans to use the new funds to accelerate its efforts in bringing more comprehensive insights into conversations as they’re happening through machine learning capabilities like Natural Language Processing (NLP). This capability would enable sales reps to develop deeper relationships with customers through more meaningful conversations powered by automated insights, changing how they work forever.

As Chili Piper continues its growth trajectory and advances its mission of transforming meeting automation at scale, this additional funding from Tiger Global couldn’t come at a better time.


In conclusion, Chili Piper is a successful and innovative meeting automation platform that helps sales teams streamline and optimize their sales processes. By offering lead routing, automated scheduling and meeting reminders, availability detection, and follow-up queues, Chili Piper simplifies the process of booking qualified meetings. In addition, its real-time calendar sync feature further simplifies meeting coordination between sales teams and their clients.

With its comprehensive feature set, Chili Piper is one of the best meeting automation platforms available to any business looking to increase productivity while remaining in compliance with data regulations.

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