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If your PS4 messages are taking up too much storage space, it’s time to hit the delete button! Learn how to free up space on your console with our easy-to-follow guide on how to delete PS4 messages. Clear out those old conversations and make room for all the new ones!


If you’re using the PlayStation 4 console and frequently communicate with other gamers via messaging, you may accumulate a lot of messages that can quickly become difficult to manage. Deleting unwanted or irrelevant messages on the platform is easy, though, and can be integral for keeping your conversations organized.

This guide will walk you through the process of deleting messages from your PS4 to keep your inbox clean and make it easier to find important conversations among all the chatter. Before we get started, be aware that once you have deleted a conversation it cannot be recovered — make sure there’s nothing important in any chat before you delete it!

Reasons to Delete PS4 Messages

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With the increasing popularity of online gaming, there are many reasons why you may want to delete your PS4 messages. This might include hiding conversations from a partner or family member, limiting the amount of time spent on game messaging and chat rooms, freeing up storage space, or preventing hackers from accessing your account. Whatever your reason for wanting to delete PS4 messages, there is an easy way to do it.

Despite seeming relatively obvious, there are moments when gamer’s don’t realise that messaged can be deleted from their PS4 console Even deeper than this, players may not realise the implications if these messaged aren’t cleared out regularly – and not just conversations with friends but community messages and stats as well. Here are a few other reasons to delete Playstation 4 Messages:

1. Unwanted Messages: Worst case scenario; unwanted messages are being sent by complete strangers or even trolls that could potentially harm someone or something else along the way. Having this security risk on hand should not be an option for anyone. Thus getting rid of these as soon as possible is paramount for any type of user who uses this platform in some capacity – especially minors!

2. Rude Friends: We all have those ‘friends’ who think it’s okay to send inappropriate or rude messages in our inboxes – with the proper deletion tools you no longer have to worry anymore! No more searching through long complex menus trying to find settings options just remove them instantly without any hassle whatsoever

3a Storage Issues: Minimising unnecessary file data will help keep your messaging system running smoothly without worry of too much traffic clogging up your console. With regular cleaning cycles in check you can keep your memory organised and clutter-free! Especially when seasonal events and holiday must-haves come around you don’t need all those notifications accumulating just cause they haven’t been cleaned out yet!

3b Space Issues: Even worse than storage problems is a potential lack of memory usage which could occur if all the unnecessary files remain untouched — similarly deleting outdated chat logs and cleared out game saves should help manage low storage concerns since such files can take up nearly 10% -15% at times ! Meanwhile freeing up this extra space free up more room for additional downloads content from text based groups!

How to Delete  PS4 Messages

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If you want to keep your messages on your PlayStation 4 (PS4) console organized, or just get rid of old conversations, it’s easy to delete them. You can delete a single message, an entire conversation, or multiple conversations at once. Keep in mind that when you delete messages from your PS4, they are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Here’s how to delete messages on PS4:

Step 1: From the home screen, open the Messages app and select the conversation you want to delete.

Step 2: Select the checkmark icon in the upper-right corner of your screen. This will display checkboxes next to each message.

Step 3: With the checkboxes selected, select Delete and then choose whether you want to Delete All From Sender or Delete Only Selected Messages. This will permanently delete all marked messages in that conversation.

Step 4: To delete an entire conversation with one person, remove all of their messages by selecting the checkmark icon again and then press Delete followed by Delete All From Sender. This will permanently remove all trace of this particular chat thread from your system and can’t be retrieved later on.

Deleting Messages from a Specific Person

If you would like to delete the messages from a specific person, it’s easy to do. First, press the “Options” button on your Dualshock controller while viewing your message list. On the menu that pops up, select “Delete Message.” Then, choose “Delete Message From…” and input the name of the person whose messages you want to delete. Finally, select “Yes” to confirm that you want to delete those messages. Alternatively, you can choose “Select Multiple” which allows you to check off the specific conversations with this person before deleting them all at once. Once completed they will no longer be in your message list and will not count against your total memory capacity.

Deleting All Messages from Your PS4

If you have messages that you no longer need to keep on your PlayStation 4, you can delete them easily. Deleting all of your messages at once is the best way to keep your inbox clean and clutter-free. Here’s a step-by-step guide to deleting all of your messages from the PlayStation 4.

1. From the home screen, select [Messages].

2. Click [Options] and select [Delete All Messages].

3. Choose a filter option:

a. All Messages: To delete every message in your inbox or outbox; or

b. Marked Messages: To delete only those messages with a checkmark beside them and leave any unmarked messages unchanged; or

c. Unmarked Messages: To delete only those messages without a checkmark beside them and leave any marked messages untouched;

4. Select [Yes] to confirm deletion of all the messages selected by the filter;

5. A confirmation message appears confirming that the selected messages have been deleted from the inbox or outbox;

6. Exit to return to the home screen

Deleting messages in bulk on the PS4 is the most efficient and effective way to clean out your messages list. You are able to delete them one-by-one if that is your preferred method but can be both time consuming and tedious.Cleaning up your messaging list doesn’t take long and can help keep your gaming experience running smoothly. It is especially helpful for storing important messages from gaming parties or private messages between gamers, or simply deleting old notifications that don’t need to be stored anymore.

Deleting old messages or notifications also helps keep personal information secure as any messages with information such as names, payment methods, or account numbers are best kept private and deleted right away. Keeping everything organized on the PlayStation 4 reduces clutter and makes it easier to find what you are looking for quickly.