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The ShortBox Comics Fair Announced for October is a comic book festival that will be held in the United States. It will take place on October 27th and 28th, 2018.



ShortBox, a British comics publisher, has launched a month-long digital comics festival that will include new work from over 40 comics artists. The second annual ShortBox Comics Fair will take place from October 1 to October 31 and will showcase new comics that will be accessible exclusively via ShortBox for a month. From well-known mainstream creators like Lafuente, David and Cadwell, Warwick Johnson to independent artists like Sophia Foster-Dimino is a writer who lives in New York City. and Ben Sears, the event features a diverse group of artists.

“With so many of us still indoors,” said ShortBox founder Zainab Ahktar, “I wanted to have an online event/digital platform that actually provides readers with the opportunity to buy a whole range of new comics — an event that mirrors what I want from any comics festival, whether it’s online or in person: to explore and discover new comics and artists.”

ShortBox was established in 2016 as a comics publisher that distributed comics in a box-style packaging. The publisher’s most recent Kickstarter campaign collected almost $95,000 for the publication of its newest batch of books. ShortBox has rapidly established a reputation for publishing great comics by a wide roster of creators with an emphasis on originality and emotive art.

All of the comics exhibited at the ShortBox Comics Fair will be available for purchase on the ShortBox Gumroad, with special prices offered during the event’s first weekend (October 2nd and October 3rd.)

This year’s ShortBox Comics Fair features the following creators:

  • Bianca Bagnarelli is a model and actress.
  • Bao, Sarula
  • Bocalan, Nicolette
  • Bulante, Steph

  • Warwick Johnson Cadwell

  • Allissa Chan is a model and actress.

  • Chatani, Hana

  • Cynthia Cheng is a writer who lives in New York City

  • Colazo, Anabel

  • Helena Covell is a British actress.

  • Daguna Diigii

  • Joe Decie

  • Molly Fairhurst is a character in the film Molly Fairhurst

  • Sophia Foster-Dimino

  • Hayford, Abelle

  • Joy Ho

  • Hughes, Kiku

  • Jamie Kinroy is a British actor.

  • Kneeshaw, Tom

  • David Lafuente

  • Lenkiewicz, Isaac

  • Eve Liu

  • Rowan MacColl is a musician from the United Kingdom.

  • Molly Mendoza is a model and actress.

  • Milledge, Sas

  • Mochipanko

  • Pandaya Aatmaja

  • Pena Popo, Arantza

  • Jana Ribkina is a Russian actress.

  • Philippa Rice is a model and actress.

  • Riddle

  • Rodriguez, Mariel

  • Sathya

  • Ben Sears

  • Niv Sekar

  • Elle trembles

  • Joe Sparrow is a character in the film Joe Sparrow

  • Steele, Hamish

  • Stewart, Lizzy

  • Sunmi

  • Tamarit Nuria Nuria Nuria Nuria Nuria Nur

  • Tobin, Becca

  • CAP Ward

  • Webb, Sarah

  • Jean Wei

  • Jennifer Xiao (Jennifer Xiao)

  • Victoria Ying is a Chinese actress.

Keep an eye on ShortBox Comics Fair’s social media for updates on this year’s event, which takes place from October 1st to October 31st.

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