The Coast Guard has determined that a ship thought to be involved in the oil spill off the coast of Orange County, California is not responsible for the spill.

The oc oil spill update is a story that discusses the cleanup efforts of an oil spill that occurred off the coast of Orange County.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California (CBSLA) — An impending rainfall has some authorities concerned that cleaning operations in the huge oil spill off the coast of Orange County may be hampered.

As ribbons of oil continue to travel south into San Diego County, tar patties have washed up on the beach at Newport Beach’s renowned surf area, the Wedge, while cleaning workers at the Cliffs of Huntington Beach carry plastic bags with black, oily debris scraped off the coastline.

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“Right now, the oil we have is in the shape of streams or ribbons. It’s referred to as shine. We aren’t seeing a lot of heavy product or black oil spots. We’re talking about a vast region of the ocean when it comes to oil transportation, and oil spreads far and wide,” said US Coast Guard Captain Rebecca Ore.

Officials avoided discussing specifics of a criminal inquiry into what caused the 13-inch split in the pipeline linked to Platform Elly off the coast of Huntington Beach at an afternoon press conference.

The pipeline’s owner, Amplify Energy, believes a ship’s anchor may have dragged the pipeline and destroyed it.

The cargo ship Rotterdam Express was suspected of being involved in the leak, however the ship’s owner claimed the Coast Guard notified them that they were no longer being investigated.

Despite the fact that the inquiry is still continuing, officials have said that Amplify Energy and anybody else responsible for the environmental disaster would be held responsible for the cleaning and more.

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Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris stated, “They are also responsible for economic damages suffered by our people and small companies.”

The popular Huntington Beach Surf Contest has been canceled due to an oil spill.

Beaches and fisheries in Orange County are still closed.

Two dozen oiled seabirds have been found, including a few that are nationally endangered. As a consequence of the spill, five birds have perished. Oil recovery workers are continuing to work in the Talbert Marsh near Huntington Beach, which contains little oil. The Bolsa Chica wetlands, for example, are credited with being saved because to booms.

“We’re not out of the woods yet,” Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr said, “and we know there’s still substantial off our shore.” “However, it seems to be heading south, but we’re keeping an eye on the weather patterns and know that a storm is on its way.” As a result, we simply want to be careful.”

The Coast Guard updated their oil spill estimates on Thursday, stating that the minimum quantity of oil that escaped from the pipeline was approximately 25,000 gallons, but they couldn’t be more precise.

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While the county beaches at Dana Point have reopened, the spill’s effect on the Orange County shoreline remains considerable.

The orange county oil spill map is a map that shows the locations of the orange county oil spill. It also includes information about the cleanup efforts to date and where they are still ongoing.

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