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In the mid-90’s, John Johnson was an up-and-coming tech CEO, a man on the brink of creating true innovation. But all was not right in the world of John Johnson. His fondness for LSD and cargo shorts would prove to be his ultimate downfall, ending in dramatic public turmoil.

Here, we will tell the story of a once promising tech CEO, and how LSD and cargo shorts led to his downfall.

LSD, Cargo Shorts, and the Fall of a High-Flying Tech CEO

James Van Aldah was the CEO of a multi-billion dollar business, Van Aldah Industries. Despite his success, he struggled with addiction and mental health issues. As he advanced through his career, he became increasingly enamoured with the use of recreational drugs such as LSD and reportedly often wore cargo shorts to work despite being explicitly asked not to by his colleagues.

Van Aldah’s indulgent lifestyle eventually caught up with him when his actions caused three major investors to withdraw their support from the company, leading to its bankruptcy and collapse in 2017. Soon after, Van Aldah disappeared from public life, although rumours continue circulating about his whereabouts.


The use of LSD by high-flying tech CEO, Mike Denton, was the root cause of his downfall. It all began when Mike began experimenting with the drug after being introduced to it by a friend.

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The drug opened his mind to new ideas and gave him the confidence to conquer his fears and take risks. Eventually, he started wearing cargo shorts to show off his new attitude and invite others to join him in his LSD use. But, little did he know, this would lead to his downfall.

How LSD Changed the CEO’s Life

The life-altering power of the psychedelic drug lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) has changed many people’s lives, including this CEO’s – for worse. So how did LSD and tight Women’s cargo shorts lead to his downfall?

His use of LSD began as an experiment in college. He soon experienced profound changes in his perception and thinking, gradually becoming more extreme as he continued experimenting with the drug. His thought processes became increasingly irrational, and he developed a fixation with Women’s cargo shorts, wearing them almost exclusively and insisting his employees do the same.

He was becoming a liability for his company, showing up to work late, making decisions with little forethought or strategic planning, and failing to recognize skill sets that would benefit the organisation. Meanwhile, tensions mounted among his colleagues regarding his dress code and management style.

The final straw came when an onsite audit exposed financial mismanagement resulting from poor oversight by the CEO. After considering all of this along with the highly questionable choices made under his supervision while under the influence of LSD, it became clear that something needed to change before further damage could be done. The board sadly decided it was time to replace him as CEO and part ways amicably due to personal conflict due solely to LSD use and cargo shorts obsession.

The Impact of LSD on His Career

The impact of Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) use on his career has been devastating for the man. LSD, a powerful hallucinogenic drug, can create dramatic euphoria and increased clarity of thought. However, its effects can be unpredictable and its use is linked to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

In addition to the mental health implications, LSD use has been associated with a decline in cognitive functioning, including symptoms such as poor concentration and memory problems.

The man had been an ambitious entrepreneur before experimenting with LSD, but after its use had become dismissed from work due to his declining performance. Furthermore, his relationships with colleagues deteriorated due to his erratic behaviour caused by the drug, further contributing to the decline of his business prospects. Additionally he was seen wearing strange attire during this period – cargo shorts became staple pieces with loud neon colours, giving him an apocalyptic vibe wherever he went – leading people to question his total disregard of ‘professionalism’ or ‘common sense’.

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Alongside diminishing prospects at work, psychological distress accompanied the man’s medical problems and other effects such as substantially increased heart rate and blood pressure. All these issues caused by LSD led him into an infinite spiral downwards – both financially and professionally – leading him in a downward direction spiralling out of control whenever he touched it (the drug). In time every aspect of his life suffered due to this habit forming substance making it difficult for him to come out from underneath all the damage it caused him in all areas from personal relationships, career prospects and medical health concerns.

Cargo Shorts

The cargo shorts that an unsuspecting tech executive wore to a meeting in 1998 are seen as the beginning of his downfall. Little did he know, the cargo shorts symbolised his excessive lifestyle, including taking LSD and driving recklessly. But, unfortunately, it was all downhill as his story unfolded in the public eye.

The Rise of Cargo Shorts in Silicon Valley

The rise of cargo shorts in Silicon Valley began as many trends do, with the rich and famous experiencing a new wave of fashion. During the ’90s, companies within the valley such as Microsoft and Apple experienced a massive jump in success; and this brought money to its employees. As a result, what seemed like a harmless choice at first eventually became an eyesore on those within Silicon Valley.

Cargo shorts rose in popularity among employees due to its featured array of pockets. Dress codes were non-existent and these shorts allowed people to carry items easily while adding an element of laid back style while on break or even while working remotely. In addition, these became popular amongst entrepreneurs who sought comfort while making multiple stops during their business day.

Many wealthy individuals also tended to own multiple pairs in different styles – from Hollister’s classic rip-away cargos to pricey designer brands like Diesel jeans’ `D-power” style cargo shorts – perhaps signifying stature within their various circles. Whether out of convenience or obtuse personal expression, cargo shorts slowly infiltrated workplace dress standards and became popularised by tech billionaires as they turned into luxury fashion lines across the globe.

The CEO’s Obsession with Cargo Shorts

The CEO of a once successful company had an obsession with cargo shorts. He wore them, even in formal business meetings and boardroom discussions. But, despite his colleagues’ increasingly vocal protests and warnings, the CEO refused to be swayed and continued to proudly style himself in voluminous, utilitarian cargos with multiple pockets stuffed to within an inch of their seams.

It seemed, at first, a harmless enough hobby. That is until drugs were found in those bulging pockets. Then, after tying him to multiple LSD transactions in the area, police arrested him on drug possession charges. It seemed his beloved cargo shorts were his undoing.

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He was charged with eight felonies and received a seven-year sentence for distributing large quantities of controlled substances such as LSD. His pride in his fashion sense had cost him everything—friends, trust, freedom—all gone because he could never part ways with his beloved cargo shorts.

The Fall

It’s the classic tale of hubris, arrogance, and the eventual downfall of a high-flying tech CEO. It all started with a fateful decision to don a pair of cargo shorts and drop a tab of acid on a business trip. Then, a rapid spiral followed from the heights of success to the depths of despair. The downfall of this tech CEO was swift and dramatic.

This article will delve into the events that led to the fall of this high-flying tech CEO:

The Final Straw for the CEO

The decisive event leading to the downfall of the CEO was his purchase of cargo shorts and LSD from an illegal dealer. The CEO was spotted at the crime scene, and with his flashy new attire and recent behaviour change, it didn’t take long for the news to spread.

As more information came to light, shareholders raised concerns about his judgement and leadership ability. In short order, a series of scandals began unfolding related to insider trading, financial misdealing, and other unethical practices. Ultimately, this prompted a unanimous vote from major investors to oust the CEO from office.

Though many were shocked by this abrupt descent from grace, most parties agreed that taking drugs while running a major corporation is not wise. His choice was seen as irresponsible, reckless and beyond forgiveness – leading to a swift end in his career as CEO.

The Impact of the Fall on the Tech Industry

The fall of the once-respected tech entrepreneur had lasting repercussions for the entire tech industry. The publicity surrounding his use of LSD and wearing cargo shorts to an important meeting eventually led to his downfall. This, in turn, had a significant impact on the tech industry, as investors and partners were less likely to trust similar entrepreneurs with their money after news of his scandal spread.

What’s more, the culture surrounding entrepreneurship began to change from one focused on ambition and innovation to a more conservative one emphasising ‘playing it safe’. This meant more attention was paid to avoiding scandals rather than taking risks with innovative ideas. As a result, some argue that tech innovation slowed down during this period compared to its pre-scandal level.

The scandal also left many who had put their time and resources into supporting this entrepreneur feeling betrayed and angry at what had happened. These people were less likely in the future to financially back people in similar roles within the tech industry, contributing further disruption and losses for entrepreneurs seeking financial backing for new ventures.

Lastly, an example was set by this case which saw many promising individuals unable to build careers or launch successful businesses due to legal ramifications or damage done by their fall from grace over something seemingly small or insignificant such as wearing certain clothing items or making poor decisions in personal life situations. This has led many working within the tech sector today to be much more cautious about where they go publicly, who they associate with and how they behave when mitigating any type of public fallout should a scandal arise from actions taken outside of work life and business interests.

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