The Witcher 3 is a great game, but it’s been over four years since its release. Is the game still worth playing?

The ratchet and clank: rift apart is ruining gaming is a story that has been circulating the internet. The game, The Witcher 3, was released in 2015 and is still considered to be one of the best action RPGs.

What is the current state of The Witcher 3’s reputation? (Photo courtesy of CD Projekt)

One reader asks for PS5 SSD suggestions, while the Tuesday Inbox addresses the challenges of finishing 100 percent of a game.

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Reputational damage I’d forgotten about it. Despite the knowledge that CD Projekt has said that a next-gen version of The Witcher 3 was in the works, I found myself oddly unaffected when informed of this information in the article about the delay. The Witcher 3 felt like the greatest thing ever when it first came out. It still is, I guess, but the stench from Cyberpunk 2077, as well as CD Projekt’s revelation as anything other than the Robin Hood organization they seemed to be, is difficult to ignore.

I believe that when the updated versions are published, we’ll see a similar reaction from critics, and that the game will be pushed down a notch and no longer recognized as a near-perfect classic. The question I ask myself is whether or not it is reasonable. Despite my personal emotions, I don’t believe it is, since despite my displeasure with how CD Projekt has fallen from grace, I still believe The Witcher 3 is the greatest action role-playing game ever.

Yes, the fighting isn’t fantastic, but the characters, conversation, and amount of involvement and flexibility are. So much so that I’m not sure what comes second, since it’s miles ahead of Mass Effect or Skyrim in my opinion. I get why people think Dark Souls and Bloodborne are better games, but to me, they’re barely role-players with no genuine character interaction, which is what The Witcher 3 is all about.

CD Projekt is solely to responsible for this, but I anticipate that instead of taking the time to appreciate a genuine masterpiece, people will seek for excuses to criticize The Witcher 3. Preston

Price equilibrium In regards to the Nintendo 64 controller for the Nintendo Switch. To Nintendo’s credit. They did have the opportunity to register interest on the website the day following the Direct presentation, and there was plenty of stock remaining when those email notifications were activated.

I’m also not as dissatisfied with the Expansion Pack tier’s pricing as many others seem to be. I believe it’s because Nintendo Switch Online was previously under-priced. I think that if they offered the whole service today (online play, SNES, NES, N64, and so forth) at the current price, it would be considered excellent value. Foley, Jonathan

GC: You make a good argument.

Alternatively, you may get your money back. On present form, after my current offer ends, I will certainly keep my Game Pass membership at regular price. I’ll pay on a monthly basis, as I do with all of my subscription services, so that I may unsubscribe for as many months I want while I play/watch something that isn’t available on any particular service.

There’s a lot of excellent stuff on Game Pass right now that I’m interested in. They aren’t all winners like The Good Life, but the majority are. Scarlet Nexus, Visage, Subnautica: Below Zero, AI: The Somnium Files, Unsighted, and Back 4 Blood are among the most recent titles to be added to the service. There’s also Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 coming out soon. In addition, on the 21st of this month, the lovely-looking Echo Generation will be released on day one, and Age Of Empires 4 for PC will be released on the 28th.

I picked up The Forgotten City for £9.49 yesterday after frequent Inbox bargain spotter Andrew J informed me about an Epic Games Store voucher offer for £10 towards a game. This was largely due to GC’s excellent review. I just found out that the game will be available on Game Pass for PC and consoles on October 28th. Who knows whether Microsoft will keep up this frenetic pace of high-quality new releases, but for now, it’s fantastic.

In regards to my purchase from the Epic Games shop. I believe I misplaced the coupon, but since my game was less than 14 days old and had only been played for two hours, it was qualified for a refund. I just went to my account’s transaction page and selected refund beside the headline. At 16:55, I received an email stating that my refund had been authorized; at 16:56, PayPal emailed to inform me that I had been reimbursed; I checked my account on the mobile app and it had been credited. It took me less than two minutes to fill out the application and get my money back.

It’s enough to put the console guys to shame. It took a long time to have my digital copy of Cyberpunk 2077 reimbursed, and there was no contact during the process. Simundo

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Completely pleased I’ve played Far Cry 6 on the Xbox Series X for 43 hours and have only cleared around a third of the area. It’s a huge game, and I’m curious as to how GC evaluates something like this. Do you complete the main campaign and some of the extras before submitting your review, or do you just finish the main campaign and some of the extras?

I’ve finished Far Cry 3, 4, and 5, and I didn’t bother with Primal because it seemed too much like a reskin of the others, but now I’m looking for it as cheaply as possible to give it a chance. I’d love it if someone could put me in the proper way for getting it inexpensively.

I recently bought Far Cry: New Dawn from the Game Collection for £6.95. It seemed to be a good deal, so I passed it up again.

I hope the person who wrote in the other day and said that no one appears to care about Far Cry is incorrect. I believe that all of us Far Cry aficionados are now knee-deep in Yaran’s sun-drenched beaches, facing another military checkpoint, and are just now catching our breath to remark on the game.

Your assessment was right on, and the game is a lot of fun. It’s not flawless, but I like the location, and yeah, it’s more Far Cry than the last game. However, as a game lover, it’s not anything I ever complain about. Nick The Greek is a fictional character created by Nick The Greek

GC: A hundred percent is almost impossible to achieve. In some games, this may take hundreds of hours, and it contributes nothing to the review.

a lengthy name I was hoping a reader might assist me in purchasing a new SSD for my PlayStation 5. I saw this Sabrent 2TB Rocket 4 PLUS NVMe 4.0 Gen4 PCIe M.2 Internal SSD Extreme Performance SSD that claims to be ideal for the PlayStation 5, but it doesn’t come with a heatsink, and I don’t see all of the statistics and information you need.

I was hoping a reader might give me a link to the correct heatsink I need. I’ll either buy a 2TB or a 4TB hard drive. I’d be grateful if someone could assist. David

The long-term strategy With the announcement that EA will drop the FIFA moniker, their 30-year goal to let all of their consumers know who created the game is now coming to fruition. Of course, I’m talking about the EA Sports opener. EvilMoomin


Another person’s console Repairs to the console I had a similar experience with my Xbox One, which needed to be returned for repairs after about a year. I wasn’t sure it was my console when I got it back; it wasn’t damaged or anything, but it didn’t feel right.

Now, I understand them having a backlog of consoles to repair and repairing one and sending it to the next person on the list, but if your PlayStation 5 was in perfect condition, you’d expect a perfect one back in return! bent huge boy

Criticism that is constructive David Wonpu wrote a fantastic Reader’s Feature over the weekend on their hopes for XCOM 3 and the faults in XCOM 2. I just finished XCOM 2 and was so impressed that I immediately downloaded the game’s DLC, War Of The Chosen, and played it again.

I completely agree with almost everything David stated. The strategy section may need a full makeover. The game is designed to make you feel as though you’re in urgent need of help, and that your limited resources won’t be enough to get you through all you need to accomplish. And it is a resounding success! However, there is so much going on, especially in War Of The Chosen, that it becomes a jumbled mess.

The three resistance factions that require your attention, the ship that requires upgrading (with clear advantages for building certain rooms in specific areas, which are not explained), espionage missions to send your soldiers on unsupervised, team-mate bonds to manage, Dark Events to counter, and the Avatar project to stop… I could go on and on. And on it goes!

It’s easy to totally ruin your game by developing yourself into a corner if you don’t know what to concentrate on ahead of time. On my first run, I definitely did. Because everyone was injured and there were no supplies or intel to buy reinforcements, developing the Shadow Chamber (because it had a big, shiny, unmistakeable ‘!’ next to it in the objectives) before upgrading contacts and power, and before the quick-healing providing Advanced Warfare Centre, resulted in a long period of no missions.

And it’s made worse by the clumsy UI and the game’s lack of self-explanatory mechanics. I had two additional spider armour suits queued up for construction at one point, wasting valuable time and resources since I couldn’t figure out how to cancel them.

I really preferred the basic game over the War Of The Chosen throughout my playing. Base XCOM 2 was already overwhelming after you got the hang of it (if that makes sense), but War Of The Chosen took it to the next level.

The fog of war/line of sight mechanism, as David pointed out, might need some improvement. Perhaps if your soldier is at least 50% cover, opponents will stay oblivious, or have a stealth mode where you can travel less distance (perhaps prone) but attackers will remain ignorant. In order to make it a real sprint instead of two jogs, the sprint option may still utilize both movements but cover more than twice the usual distance (and perhaps generate noise, as a contrast to the stealth mode).

It would be fantastic if there were more mission kinds available. Defend/obtain the MacGuffin, rescue the VIP, protect the resistance colony, and blow up the MacGuffin were the only four missions in XCOM 2. The one-off mission when the Avenger was attacked in War Of The Chosen provided a few more variations, but for me, the highlight mission in both games was the one-off mission when the Avenger was attacked.

Opposing reinforcements coming at every turn, the high-risk and desperate tactic of sending one hidden ranger to find the enemy beacon so your snipers can take it out from distance, then making a frantic rush back to the ship — pure class. Please, more of this.

The reverse difficulty curve is something I really liked, which most others seem to think is a problem. After frantically rushing about for the first half of the game, it gradually becomes doable, and by the conclusion, you’ve assembled a squad of truly legendary colonels capable of taking on anything. This made the final few missions a really therapeutic experience for me.

I really like David’s concept of leveling up troops individually rather than as a class. This seems like the obvious next step for the series, given that it will only serve to strengthen the bond you already have with your troops.

Reading this back, it seems like I don’t care for the games, which is far from the case! While the tactics-based fighting might need a few changes and a little more variation, it is generally fantastic. In most missions, I even liked the controversial clock, which I found to be a great way of ‘encouraging’ (i.e. forcing) risky maneuvers and a more tense and exciting playstyle, rather than simply creeping the entire squad forward with one action per turn used to move and the second to go into overwatch. Perhaps it should be changed to encourage quick play instead of penalizing slow play, keeping the super-cautious option open for people that like to play XCOM 1.

The higher-level approach, on the other hand, might need a rethink.

Thanks again to David Wonpu for including me in the article; I just wanted to give my two cents. Julian

also-rans in your inbox Splinter Cell is shaping out to be a straight action game with linear stages and a new neo-con fantasy narrative. I believe Sam Fisher is better off out of it. Artruo

I’d love to see the blades return on Xbox One/Xbox Series X. I’ve never understood why they got rid of them to begin with. Korbie

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What do you want from the upcoming GTA 6 and its online companion? You may concentrate on narrative, characters, location, visuals, or all of them at once. Would you prefer a completely new GTA Online 2 or an expansion to the current game, for example?

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The The Witcher 3 still the best action RPG? is a question that has been asked many times. This game, which was released in 2015, has received mixed reviews. Reference: rift apart is bad.

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