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Apple just announced the upcoming ‘Spring Loaded’ event! This virtual event is set to be held on April 20th and will showcase many of the company’s latest products, features and services. Consumers are excited to see what new and improved products will be revealed, and many are already speculating what could be announced.

Let’s take a look at the details of Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event:

Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Event Officially Announced

Apple recently announced an online event titled ‘Spring Loaded’ which is set to take place on April 20th, 2021. The company is expected to showcase new products and features during the event.

The ‘Spring Loaded’ event invites people to join Apple’s virtual stage to witness the unveiling of new products and services. Those that join in may be among the first to gain insight into Apple’s latest innovation, devices, and features.

Some of Apple’s rumored announcements include:

  • updated iMacs and iPad Pros with M1 chipsets
  • a redesigned version of the HomePods mini
  • AirTags lost item trackers
  • new software updates for iOS 14.5 and macOS Big Sur 11.3
  • its subscription service Apple Card Family

It is unknown whether these will be showcased during the April 20th event as many are still rumors.

Other product announcements may also be included such as:

  • new Wearables with upgraded health tracking sensors
  • over-the-ear headphones with AirPods Pro features baked in
  • a recent report from Bloomberg suggests we could see an update Mac Pro highlighting redesigned look along with performance upgrades.
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The upcoming ‘Spring Loaded’ event should bring excitement throughout the entire Apple Community and provide insight around potential product launches expected in 2021 – it promises to be another amazing keynote!

New Products

Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event has finally been announced and the highly anticipated event promises to showcase some brand new products and features. As expected, the event will feature a range of products designed to make life easier, faster, and more creative. This includes the new iPad Pro, which comes with an A12Z Bionic chip and 5G support, and the Apple Watch Series 6 with its new health tracking features.

Let’s take a look at some of the other new products and features that Apple unveiled at the Spring Loaded event:

Apple M1 iPad Pro

The Apple M1 iPad Pro was announced at Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Event. The most powerful iPad ever created, the M1 iPad Pro features the same 8-Core CPU and 7-Core GPU found in the Apple M1 Macs. This incredible combination of power and performance provides up to 50% faster CPU performance, and a huge jump in GPU performance up to 2 times faster than any other tablet available. Additionally, the M1 iPad Pro includes 10 hours of battery life and integrated support for 5G with models that are compatible with all of the world’s major 5G networks.

The new 11-inch and 12.9-inch M1 iPads have Liquid Retina XDR displays that feature over 120 million pixels with True Tone technology for realistic colors that adjust to ambient lighting based on where you’re using them. In addition, with integration from Apple’s processing chipsets, users are able experience games and apps like never before on a iOS device – all enabled by the new processors builtin radixes for support of advanced computer vision algorithms.

april spring loaded ipads prosclovermacrumors

Lastly, the new M1 iPads feature two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports; paired with a USB-C port allowing users to connect 6K displays and even charge your laptop or phone!

Overall, the M1 iPad Pro is an incredibly powerful device poised to take your computing experience into uncharted territory!

Apple M1 iMac

One of the most exciting new products to come out of Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event is the Apple M1 iMac. This sleek, all-in-one desktop is powered by the same M1 processor as its Apple laptops and offers users unprecedented performance.

The 24-inch 4.5K Retina display can produce up to 500 nits of brightness, and it comes in various vibrant colors including green, pink, yellow and blue.

The Apple M1 iMac also features advanced thermal management technology that allows it to remain cool while running intensive applications without making any audible noise. The 1080p FaceTime HD camera has a three-mic array for crisp audio capture during video calls and other recording tasks. Additionally, the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID simplifies logging into your profile and switching between user accounts. Finally, users can upgrade their Lion Cache with an optional 2TB Fusion Drive or 512GB SSD drive for increased storage capacity.

Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags are small circular tracking devices that help users locate lost items such as wallets, keys, handbags or other small belongings. They work with the Find My app and feature Precision Finding technology to help users locate nearby items using feedback from their iPhone or iPad. In addition, airTags have a built-in speaker that emits a gentle sound helping alert the user of its location.

By placing an AirTag into any item that is used regularly, it can create a reliable connection between the two even at times when out of view. Every AirTag is built with security and privacy in mind, utilizing end-to-end encryption for all communication. The built-in NFC reader also allows for interactions when tapped by other Apple devices running iOS 14.5 or later.

AirTags are powered by replaceable CR2032 coin batteries and come with a selection of stylish accessories allowing it to be easily attached to any desired items. Apple has announced it will start selling its AirTag product on April 23rd 2021 enabling customers to find lost things much easier than ever before.


Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event on April 20, 2021 was packed with new features, products and updates. At the event, Apple introduced various products including the new iMac, iPad Pro, AirTag and Apple TV. In addition, apple also announced several features such as the M1 chip, which allows the new Macs to run apps faster and more efficiently.

Let’s take a closer look at the features that Apple unveiled:

Apple Pencil

Apple’s signature pen and stylus device, the Apple Pencil is due to get major upgrades announced at the ‘Spring Loaded’ event. The new design reportedly adds magnets to the top and bottom of the device and a flat side, potentially for easier access to side buttons or functions. Apple has also said that the magnetic attachment will lead to a faster wireless charging experience when attached to an iPad or iPhone.

The redesign also includes:

  • Better tracking accuracy with reduced latency and improved double-tap gestures to switch between tools in drawing apps.
  • Heavy speculation that Apple Pencil support may be included in the upcoming AirTag item trackers.
  • AirTags are rumored to take advantage of ultra-wideband technology to enable precise location tracking from iPhone 11 models up, but whether this includes using an Apple Pencil remains a mystery.

Apple’s new OS, Big Sur

At its ‘Spring Loaded’ event, Apple unveiled a range of new products and features, including the launch of its latest operating system for the Mac.

Called Big Sur, the new OS offers major overhauls of design elements, some performance improvements, and much-needed enhancements to ensure compatibility with upcoming generation Macs having M1 processors.

Developers are also excited about introducing a bundled Xcode app that allows for faster and improved app development, plus a suite of other tools that improve investment in Mac apps.

This includes:

  • Swift Playgrounds integration
  • new customizeable shortcut keys
  • a notification center widget builder
  • support for almost all AirPods models
april pt spring ipads prosclovermacrumors

Big Sur also introduces user experience changes such as a more unified visual look across Apple platforms including windows and menus with rounded corners and drop shadows; old-school Mac OS 8 style control strips; customizable Home screens with colorful icons; redesigned Safari; updated Messages and Maps apps amongst other things. There is no doubt that Big Sur carries some huge potential to set itself apart from preceding OS versions in terms of visual appeal alone!

Apple’s new privacy features

At Apple’s Spring Loaded event, the company unveiled several new products and features in a series of announcements. Of particular note is the focus the event placed on privacy, with Apple showcasing several new privacy-focused tools and features to address growing consumer concerns.

The most notable new privacy feature announced at the event was App Privacy Report, which gives consumers an easy way to track the data that apps have access to and any changes made over time. This will give users more control over who has access to their data and greater information about its use. Other related features include:

  • personalized advertiser restrictions
  • enhanced surveillance monitoring
  • updated data collection opt-in requirements

In addition to these specific initiatives, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook closed the event by reaffirming his company’s commitment to protecting user privacy across all products and services worldwide. He described a comprehensive plan for implementing stronger protections around what kinds of data companies can collect from people when they use their devices to protect users’ rights to use their private information securely and safely regardless of where they are located or who they are communicating with online.

Overall, Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event provided a depth of understanding into their plans to strengthen user privacy even further going forward, confirming that protecting user security is an important part of today’s digital experiences and an essential component for tomorrow’s technologies.

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