Are you tired of people hogging the mic in your PS4 party and not giving others a chance to join in the conversation? Well, fear not – this blog post will guide you through exactly how to kick those pesky intruders out of your party!


Kicking people from a PlayStation 4 (PS4) party can be necessary if players become disruptive or overly talkative. Kicking players out of a party is simple and easy, but in order to do so, all users must be signed in to a PlayStation Network account. This article will guide you through the process of kicking people from a PS4 party.

Firstly, open your Party on the PS4 Home Screen by selecting the icon and choosing ‘Create/Join Party’. All members of the Party will then appear in the list of participants. Hover over the player whom you wish to kick and press ‘X’ or ‘Options’ on their name to bring up the options menu. Select ‘Remove From Party’ which will kick them out of your session instantly and end any voice communication with that user.

You can also temporarily disable voice chat for all other users whilst still hearing them yourself by pressing ‘enable my microphone only’ at the top of your screen. If a user has left without being kicked they can be re-added easily by pressing ‘add friends’ at the invite screen and selecting their name from your list of friends online.

Beware that some servers allow players with certain privileges and ranks to ban others from joining specific online servers – this article will not focus on this type of situation; for more information regarding that, please refer to relevant guides specific for each game type or server type you may particular join.

Reasons for Kicking Someone from a PS4 Party

Kicking someone from a PS4 party can be necessary for various reasons, including but not limited to:

-Behavior: If a user is displaying disrespectful or disruptive behavior, they can be asked to leave the party in order to maintain an enjoyable environment.

-Inactivity: If a user has been inactive for an extended period of time during the party, they may be asked to take themselves out of the group.

-To add new members: In some cases, it may be necessary to kick a current member in order to make room for new members.

-Technical issues: If there are technical issues that require adjusting the settings or numbers of people in the party, you may need to remove someone temporarily until these problems are resolved.

It may also be helpful to discuss with all participants why someone was kicked from the party and remind them of any guidelines before continuing.

How to kick people from ps4 party

The PlayStation 4 allows up to eight people to share the same virtual space using its Party feature. This is great for hanging out with friends and playing together, but it can also be a bit of a hassle if someone you don’t want to join your party joins or starts causing problems. Luckily, it’s easy to kick someone from your PS4 party with just a few clicks.

To kick someone from your party:

1. Open the Party menu by pressing the PS button on the controller

2. Scroll down using the thumbsticks to select “Players”

3. Select “Party Member List”

4. Select the member you want to kick

5. Choose “Kick Player” at the bottom of the menu

6. Confirm that you want to kick them by selecting “Yes”

7. They will now be removed from your party and no longer able to join back in without an invite from you or another host of the party!

What to Do After Kicking Someone from a PS4 Party

Once you have successfully kicked a user from your PS4 party, there are a few additional steps to take to ensure that the experience is as secure and enjoyable as possible.

First and foremost, update your party settings. You can restrict who can join your party by requiring either an invitation or a password. This will help ensure that only users you want to join are allowed access. Additionally, explore other settings such as voice chat or game launch settings to maximize the privacy of your session.

If you believe the user in question was being disruptive or malicious in any way, it is recommended that you consider reporting their behavior via the online safety tab available from your console’s home screen. Once reported, appropriate action will be taken by Sony Interactive Entertainment and any future occurrences of malicious activity should be reduced in severity.

Finally, consider searching for more social gaming options on PlayStation Network if you wish to find like-minded gamers with similar interests or play styles. This can help create an optimal gaming atmosphere for everyone involved for any future online sessions on PlayStation 4!

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that the PlayStation 4 Party System is a service meant for fun and friendly interaction between users. Respect your fellow players, no matter what your differences. If someone is making it difficult to enjoy using this feature, you can use the methods outlined in this guide to help kick them from any current or future parties. With due diligence and proper use of available functions, you can have a better time playing with friends online.