To get a good understanding of the situation, it’s important to know that Ronaldo has two main agents: Jorge Mendes and Simon de Quieroz. The former runs Ronaldo’s affairs for him, while the latter is a consultant for Mendes; they represent a large number of top players in the world, and are instrumental in the transfer market. The Ronaldo-Juventus situation has been a tense one: after four years at the Juventus, Ronaldo returned to United and signed a new £300,000-a-week, four-year deal in the summer of 2018.

It’s been five years since Cristiano Ronaldo left Old Trafford for the Bernabeu in a world record £80m move after nine seasons with the Red Devils. After everything he’d achieved, it was hard to believe that Ronaldo would leave but that’s exactly what happened. The Madrid outfit also offered him bonuses of £30m each year, which he couldn’t turn down.

North Korea has announced the resumption of the production of plutonium and atomic bomb fuel, a key requirement for the country’s nuclear weapons program. If the program can be resumed, war could soon follow.



From all indications, North Korea seems to be trying to send a message to the rest of the globe. The nation is most likely reactivating its nuclear power plants. Its largest nuclear reactor is the 5-megawatt Yongbyon reactor. It has reopened its doors after a two-year hiatus. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirms this. It calls the development “major reason for worry.” Pyongyang has put its nuclear program on hold while Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump spoke about disarmament. The two presidents met in Singapore, Hanoi, and the North Korean demilitarized zone.

However, due to differing objectives, they were unable to come up with an acceptable formula.

The IAEA considers the North’s activities to be “a blatant breach of relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions and is very regretful,” according to the agency. Pyongyang did, however, test-fire a handful of missiles in March. That was just before Joe Biden became the president. North Korea withdrew from nuclear negotiations with the United States in January 2020.

North Korea’s message on nuclear activities

The North now believes it has lost significance in the eyes of the United States. This may be due to the fact that it does not appear in White House press briefings. Coronavirus is at the top of the Biden administration’s priority list, followed by Afghanistan’s fast shifting situation.

North Korea was originally identified as President Joe Biden’s top foreign policy issue. In March, he even went so far as to say: “If they chose to escalate, there will be consequences. We’ll reply as soon as possible.” He did not rule out diplomatic attempts if disarmament was the end goal. In March, when the Biden administration attempted to engage North Korea, it was met with resistance.

The current situation, however, paints a different image. The hermit nation seems to be refurbishing its Yongbyon nuclear power station.

North Korea has halted its nuclear-weapons testing.

Pyongyang has recently slowed down reactor activities, according to the IAEA assessment. That period spanned late 2018 to mid-July 2021.

However, there have been obvious indications of activity linked to the Yongbyon reactor’s functioning since then. Both uranium and plutonium may be purified to weapons-grade purity using this system. The reactor not only produces electricity, but it can also manufacture weapons-grade plutonium, which is needed to construct nuclear bombs. The North is a very secretive state, with restricted access to information for the media. As a result, the IAEA must rely on sources like as satellite photography.

With a nuclear-armed North Korea, the United States faces many challenges.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has voiced worry over North Korea’s potential restart of a nuclear power facility. There are indications of increased activity at the venue, according to the agency. In close collaboration with the US, South Korea’s Foreign Ministry maintains watch of its neighbor’s nuclear and missile operations.

Jeffrey Lewis is a specialist in weaponry as well as a professor. These, in his view, are reminders of the difficulties that the US would have in dealing with a nuclear-armed North Korea. The North had promised to destroy the Yongbyon facility in return for sanctions relief during talks between Kim Jong-un and former US President Donald Trump in Hanoi in 2019. The North was sanctioned because of its nuclear projects, which might pose a regional danger. Sanctions have harmed the country’s economy. The talks, however, did not yield any good outcomes. Denuclearization was Trump’s top goal, while relief from sanctions was Kim’s. It was a case of competing interests.


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