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It’s not often that you see YouTube stars get into the boxing ring. However, one of the latest up-and-coming stars of the video platform, Jake Paul, has thrown his name into the hat for a potential match against Tim Tebow in the near future.

Jake Paul

Getty On August 29, 2021, Jake Paul approaches the ring before his bout with Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul, a social media star, is now 4-0 as a boxer and looks set to continue his career, with a former NFL quarterback and tight end on his radar.

On August 29, 2021, “The Problem Child” fought former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in the main event of the Showtime Boxing PPV. He also beat “The Chosen One” by split decision in just his fourth professional fight. Woodley’s first fight as a boxer took place on Sunday night, and he disputed the outcome, claiming that he should have had his hand raised.

Paul and Woodley struck a pact during the post-fight interview inside the ring with Ariel Helwani that if The Chosen One gets a “I love Jake Paul” tattoo, he would give Woodley a rematch. However, based on Paul’s recent social media activity, he may be searching for a new challenge in the shape of Tim Tebow. Tebow is now a free agent after signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end but was released after one preseason game.

And The Problem Child has a suggestion for Tebow’s free time.

“Aye, @TimTebow,” says the narrator. I believe it is past time for you to take up boxing?!” On September 1, 2021, Paul tweeted.

Although Paul did not explicitly say that he wants to fight Tebow, it is reasonable to assume that he does, given that The Problem Child is in the business of producing the largest PPV events possible. It’s also a battle that the YouTuber has a good chance of winning.

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Tebow is around 50 pounds heavier than Paul, and Paul is most likely a better boxer.

Jake Paul & Tim Tebow

GettyJake Paul & Tim Tebow

Because of their physical differences and celebrity status, a battle between Paul and Tebow would almost certainly attract a lot of interest. Despite their similar heights (6’3′′ and 6’1′′, respectively), Tebow would have a considerable weight edge over Paul. Tebow weighs 255 pounds, according to his official page.

The Problem Child weighed in at 190 pounds for his fight with Woodley, and he probably wanders around about 200 pounds.

The weight difference might make things interesting during the build-up, but in actuality, Paul would be a clear favorite since he’s spent the last several years training as a boxer, while Tebow has either been playing baseball or football.

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Paul gave Woodley a set of conditions in exchange for the tattoo, but it’s still unclear whether the troubled teen would keep his end of the bargain.

Tyron’s tattoo rules are as follows:

At least 1. 32 inches

2. I’m unable to cover it

3. Long-term

4. You must make a social media post.

5. Must be visible while wearing shorts and a shirt.

30 August 2021 — Jake Paul (@jakepaul)

Woodley, in addition to Tebow, may be Paul’s opponent.

Paul posted his “rules” for Woodley’s tattoo on August 30, 2021.

“Tyron’s tattoo guidelines: 1. 32 inches at least 2. Can’t have it covered,” Paul added. 3. It must be permanent. 4. It must be shared on social media. 5. Must be visible while wearing shorts and a shirt.”

Even if Woodley gets the tattoo, there’s no assurance that Paul will follow through on his promise. The Problem Child stated that if Woodley gets the tattoo, then “maybe we’ll speak about” boxing again during the post-fight press conference, which took place after they struck the agreement inside the ring.

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