Cam Newton, the Carolina Panthers quarterback, was surprised to learn that the New England Patriots released backup quarterback Mac Jones.

Cam Newton shares his surprise at the New England Patriots releasing him, saying he didn’t think Mac Jones would be comfortable with him as backup.

In his first comments since the New England Patriots released him 10 days ago, free-agent quarterback Cam Newton is a quarterback for the Carolina Panthers claimed he didn’t see his release coming.

“Did the fact that it was released take me off guard? Certainly, “In a video published Friday morning, Newton stated.

Newton made the comments on a YouTube Live video with his father, Cecil, on the football field at Newton’s high school alma mater in Atlanta.

Newton informed his father that he didn’t believe the Patriots’ five-day absence due to the COVID-19 procedure “The main reason for his release was a “misunderstanding” in August, but he added: “During that time, I began noticing symptoms of change….” Do I believe this would have occurred if I hadn’t been gone for five days? To be honest, yeah. It was a foregone conclusion. Was it helpful in making your decision? Yes.”

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Newton said he would have been “definitely” ready to back up rookie Mac Jones, but he thinks Jones would not have been happy with the situation.

“Allow me to be forthright with you. I would have responded, ‘Absolutely,’ if they had said, ‘Cam, we’re going to hand the team to Mac, you’re going to be second string; we want you to be everything and more to lead him during this term.’ “Newton said. “However, the reality of the situation is that he would have felt uneasy.”

Newton expressed his pleasure in working with Jones, saying, “Mac Jones did not defeat me. However, I would have been a nuisance. If they had given him the lead part, they would have known the impact it would have if he didn’t succeed.”

“I would have responded, ‘Absolutely,’ if they had said, ‘Cam, we’re going to hand the team to Mac [Jones], you’re going to be second-string; we want you to be everything and more to lead him during this term.’ But, listen, the reality is that he would have felt a little uncomfortable.”


Cam Newton

Newton, 32, who has said that he would not retire, described how things changed during practice.

“When I first found out [about the release] and started viewing things a little differently, I was maybe getting two reps to his ten.” That’s why it began to make sense,” Newton said. “Even if I was just getting started, it doesn’t mean nothing.”

“‘Cam got first-team reps today,’ I believe they did a fantastic job of concealing it in that way. However, [media members] were unaware of the practice framework. The first team falls down, the second team returns, and the first team returns as well. That’s when [Jones] started seeing first-team action.”

Newton further elaborated on his situation and the COVID-19 procedures, stating that he was going for a second opinion on his foot, which he had surgery on in 2019 for a Lisfranc issue.

“It had nothing to do with the fact that I hadn’t been vaccinated.” They granted me permission to go. A second viewpoint is due to me. “This was the final time I thought I’d have the chance to seek a second opinion,” Newton added. “That’s not to say the Patriots’ people didn’t do a good job of giving me what I needed to know, but in my view, having four eyes on it is preferable than having two.” It wasn’t that I was in any kind of discomfort or agony. I simply wanted to check in with the person who had diagnosed me with Lisfranc in the first place. I felt obliged to follow up with a six-month assessment.

“I crossed all the lines, checked all the boxes, and dotted all my ‘I’s,’ but when I found out I had to sit out, I felt a little befuddled since ‘Y’all instructed me to go.’ ‘Cam, you know you’re doing it on your own risk if you go,’ it wasn’t like that.”

“Absolutely not,” Newton replied when asked whether he would have done so if he had known the circumstances.

Newton claimed he arrived to Gillette Stadium about 8 a.m. on Aug. 31 and had to call his chauffeur back about eight minutes later, expressing his surprise at his release. He said he was informed Bill Belichick wanted to meet with him, but that the coach was in a different office than normal.

“[Matt] [Patriots senior football adviser] “Patricia and Bill were both there, and we simply greeted each other and began chatting,” Newton said. “They informed me at the time that they were going to hand the reins over to Mac.” ‘Cool,’ I thought. ‘Y’all releasing me?’ it didn’t occur to me. I was perplexed. We were all taken aback. It was a tense situation for everyone.

“… They let me leave because I was going to be a distraction without being a starter, therefore I was a distraction. It’s all because of my aura. That is both my blessing and my misfortune. People are intrigued by the simple fact of ‘Who is he?’ when you bring Cam Newton into your facilities [and] franchise. Why does he keep his hair in a ponytail? Why does he keep talking? Why does he behave the way he does? ‘What motivates him to perform?’ All of these inquiries.”

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